BBM Group for BlackBerry Owners

I know that for many people these days the iphone or Android based smartphones are pretty popular, but one area where BlackBerry devices still outrank either is in email usage.

Another great addition to the appeal of BlackBerry handsets is the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service. Within BBM is a rather cool group feature, which allows the creation of chat groups, which could provide a useful additional chat platform for people who want to chat about a particular interest, and could be a good way of exchanging fellowship with Catholics. I know we have a forum here, and there are many others online too, but a chat group would focus a little different to a forum.

Does anyone know of any existing Catholic BBM groups? Otherwise, would anyone be interested in joining such a group if one was created?

Yes I recon people would be intrested in the group people like myself…BBM pin:22020CA5

It’s a great idea however I fear RIM will not make it out of the hole it’s dug for itself…
…I’m saying this as a 10 year BB fan who still has one.
…You can’t even sync with Catholic Answers Podcasts from a BB.

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