BC = BCE and AD = CE? What the heck is this?

OK it would be EASY to ignore it. But would it be RIGHT to ignore it? Perhaps we should actively oppose it? At what point when we keep ignoring things will we find that we live in a Godless world?

And if we get to that point then won’t we be to blame :shrug:

BCE and CE were used long before the 21st century, esp. in excavation of archealogical sites. Although I am only 50, I can remember reading it in books as early as 1967.

I was a prodgious and gifted reader as a child- but an awful typist to this day!

:thumbsup: Right on! My brother is a history teacher and this was my first thought when he was talking about the textbooks being written this way. Crazy stuff!

Is this hill really worth dying on?

I propose the following terms:

HNBY = He’s Not Born Yet:highprayer:


HHL= Hallelujah He Lives:extrahappy:


Not quite all over the secular society.

Heard of the movie that will be released in 2008.

It’s called 10,000 B.C. :extrahappy:

Toward the end of the trailer, it said, “3.07.08 A.D”

So it’s not the stupid alternative some fools came up with. Like who the heck gonna know what the stupid thing means if the movie were to advertise it. I doubt even the movie makers know.

Will you use the alternative?

That’s what I’m talking about…

Ha! Classic! (Shouldn’t shorten the 2008, though!) :wink:

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