BC Court: Teen girl can stay on male hormone shots without Dad's consent

Be it parental rights or free speech rights, the case of AB (a gender-transitioning child ) vs. CD (the father who opposes the transition) has made it clear that activists and social workers seem to get the final say on a child’s future in Canada.

After one court decision several months ago, that called a father’s attempts to dissuade his biological daughter from undergoing hormone therapy “violent”, all hope seemed lost.

After The Rebel published our initial story on this saga (in which the father’s lawyer accidentally referred to the child by the “wrong” pronoun) court orders were issued, demanding that we retract the video. Of course, we did not comply with this unconstitutional request, and will fight any such demand in the future.

Today, when asked the court’s permission to live tweet the proceedings, AB’s activist lawyers protested, declaring falsely to the Chief Justice that I had violated a court order. I had not.

The father will now be appealing rulings made by previous justices, as soon as September.

Tragically, this may be all in vain: His daughter has been undergoing state-mandated hormone therapy all this time and in all likelihood has passed into the void of infertility.

The mother consented.

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