Bd'way Actress called out for following right wing Twitter accountst wing

This scares me. My daughter works in the entertainment industry, and she is considering leaving it. She’s far from being a “Trumper” or a “right winger” or even a “conservative.” But to many entertainment professionals, even her devotion to Catholicism is considered unacceptable.

But what can be done? I’m at a loss. The idea of losing our freedom to read, write, and believe what we wish here in the U.S. is frightening.


I’m not seeing the connection to Social Justice. Is there a more appropriate category for this item?

The growing intolerance and uncharity in our society is sad and worrisome.

We aren’t losing any freedoms. The people bashing her are simply exercising theirs distastefully. It’s a shame, but bullies always have and always will exist. They don’t have the power to silence you unless you let them though. I’m sure plenty of people will support/defend her now, especially the people she follows.


Thought control. Being called out is reason for a twitter-fest.

Many much more famous people get mean tweets.

Harry Styles is a popular singer, yet he gets a number of haters tweeting at him.

I know a leader of a country who would agree with your second sentence!

But yes, intolerance misses the mark of a free nation no matter how you slice it.

(Ahem!) Well, I do not partake of any of that. No point, as I see it. I can be roundly criticized for my opinions right here!

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Yes, the left needs to relearn the concepts of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion.

They have become all the things they claimed to hate.


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