Be broken and BLESSED by God or broken and discarded by the World Fr. Meyer

Homily begins about 16:10

Oh, the world will gleefully use you while you’re entertaining or useful then turn on you like a pack of vicious animals when you displease them.

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Preface this by saying I’m not accussing anyone:

One of the oldest practices of many religions is to shelter their younger members from the world then send them out for a year or so to see if they want to stay. Mennonite and Amish families are quite fond of it.

Obviously it normally ends in disaster. The poor kid feels ostracized by society because they are so different. Naturally, the child runs home into the welcoming arms of the faith and no fear of them ever leaving again. The few who don’t return are seen as those who could never cut out for the demands of the faith anyway.

This sermon puts me in mind of that.
“Oh, the big bad world rejects you! Come home to Christ and leave the world outside.”

Maybe the world rejects you because you never partake in it?

This whole sermon seems weird to me.

Father has seen it in his Parish and in many places what the world does to young people. He was once pro Choice before he became a Priest. He works with High School students so he hears a lot of what is out there.

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