Be careful using your iPod

Danger lurks!

Holy smokes! All pun intended!

the part about the Chinese man’s cell phone exploading and killing him freaked me out. Is this story lagit? Wow!

Any grade school student will tell you that the is probably the result of the man in question telling a falsehood.

I think this story may be valid, I checked the urban legend reference… and there is nothing on there to repudiate this claim. In fact, the only thing on there about iPod danger is not to use one during a lightning storm.

So do be careful when using your iPod.

ok, you’ve kinda freaked me out now, seeing as I have an Ipod nano. Do you know if the ipod caught fire while it was on or off?
I think I’ll email apple and ask what the deal is.

Apparently it was off. He was at work at the time.

I think I’ll email apple and ask what the deal is.

Apple refused comment when the local TV sent them them photos of the damaged Ipod. They may still be staying quiet about the incident.

IMHO, more than likely it had a bad battery in it. I know when Apple sent out the recall of the MacBook Pro battery b/c it was made by Sony, I had to check my MacBook & my Dell but neither of them had it. I think people overreact to these stories and scare themselves into thinking every electronic device is going to blow up or cause cancer or something. Sorry if my opinion offends anyone, but you can’t be scared of everything you touch because you saw a story about it or got an email about it.

Maybe I can get a “free” upgrade to a 160gb iPod from my 60gb iPod:D

Yeah, I had visions of a free upgrade to the new ipod nano with video. like that’ll ever happen.

I’ve heard a few things on the news about freak iPod accidents. People get all bent out of shape but when you consider how many people have them and how many accidents have happened I don’t think theres any greater risk of something happening with an iPod than other common electronics.

I love my i-pod nano and haven’t had a problem at all. I would like one with a larger capacity though - maybe later.

have the Mythbusters investigated this yet?

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