Be humble, not proud: A few corrections to a few users

  1. I will not reveal the names of the users, for their sakes

  2. I encourage everyone to ask Mary to obtain the grace of humility for all souls

  3. I like making lists of three :stuck_out_tongue:

There have been a few behaviors of some users - probably less than 1% - that have caught my eye. For a while I’ve been silent, but today I’ve decided to speak up. I am certainly not perfect, I am certainly a poor sinner, but, out of love of God and for the sake of salvation of souls, I wish to speak up, without attempting to sound holy, good, or the voice of reason. I am but a man, and this is just my opinon. If you think I am in error, please do correct me.

I have noticed on this board that a few users like to display their privleges or holiness. For example, speaking of apparitions they’ve received, or saying they are holier than someone because of this or that. Now, this is altogether different when someone is seeking advice regarding a private revelatio, but, to simply display your spiritual privleges like how a shop displays its goods is not only proud but a grave offense against God. You are daring to say to God, “Thanks for the privledge, now I’m gonna rub it in people’s faces and tell them I earned it because I’m so awesome!” No one earns prviledges in the spiritual life. In fact, eternal life isn’t even earned: it is a grace! We only accquire eternal life because we have united ourselves with God in this life, by doing His Will, and this is what Heaven truly is. So do not use your privledges as a means to become famous. I encourage you to hide them; allow the Church to judge them, yes, but hide them from the public. This is what many of the saints did. Now, like I said, if you’re only sharing an a private revelation so you can get some questions, that’s fine. That’s humble. It is not proud. But if you want to be safe, if you feel like even speaking about the revelation is dangerous, than you can simply say you need help with a supernatural occurance that has occured and leave it at that. “Supernatural occcurances” can range from miracles to revelations, by the way.

I have also noticed that a few users like to have some rather un-humble usernames. But, I could be mistaken. Some people define words some ways, even if some of them are wrong (not trying to be self-righteous, just saying that words have certain definitions and iyou can think differently about a word’s definition, but your opinion would still be wrong, in light of the word’s definition that is), and other people like to reference famous people, characters, movies, etc. So, rather than judge rashly about particular usernames, I’ll just give a general warning about them: Don’t choose a name which might cause people to think you’re showing off. You don’t want to chance scandal. Now, you could add a little note in your signatue that explaina the username, or you can open a thread for that, or you can make a note on your username. Just some suggestions I’m throwing out. But do be careful what name you take as an user.

I’m not sure if everything I wrote makes sense, since I have trouble communicating, but, I pray it dose make sense and dose not offend anyone. Also, I would like to apologize for so many threads being created, I feel like I’m annoying people but I don’t want to annoy people. And apologies if I offended you. God bless!


I don’t think you have been offensive. This seems fairly accurate assessment of the situation and a politely worded note of caution.

It is hard to come up with a username. Usually you have just been haunting the forum without a membership and then you really really want to post something so you have to come up with a username.

I don’t think mine requires much explanation. I arbitrarily chose a kind of pepper. I wanted something religious sounding but did run into the problem that a lot of good names are taken and some others sound like you are trying to call yourself holy.

So, Eucharisted. How did you get your name?


I don’t know if I agree.
Jesus said that if you light a lamp you don’t keep it under the table. You put it where it shows.
Popes have many biographies published during their lives.
Nuns and monks choose saints names even when they are not holy.
I think maybe you are overdoing it a bit.
I don’t think there is anything wrong with stating true facts.
It is not my problem how other people interpret my words.
You mean Jesus should have avoided going about saying that He was the Son of God ?
My username is Benedict because when my parents baptized me they gave me Benedetto as my second name.
My first name and surname mean “I lead the Church” and once a priest told me I should have tried to be a Pope.
My Mother and Father 's names are Mary and Joseph and I was born in a village called Veronica, like the woman who wiped the face of Jesus.
These are simply facts.
Should I have used Peppino (my dog) as a username ?
St Paul boasted of his achievements, if you read the Gospel carefully.
Jesus said: Destroy this Temple and I will rebuild it in three days. People understood that He was boasting.
Or when He used to teach in the synagogues. People asked themselves Where does He come from ? Isn’t He the son of Joseph the carpenter? With what authority does He teach?

On the contrary, I notice the opposite problem.
Whenever I state something of my own most people will say I’m a troll.
But if I say the very same things using a document from the Vatican Website then people thank me.
It is very silly and dishonest.


Hi Nick,

I do like and appreciate your posts. You’re a good man. Guess my only response is, this forum is like a microcosm of real life in many ways. We meet and interact with people every day at work, school, church, wherever, that may seem a little more boastful or self promoting than others. Sometimes they are, but sometimes they may seem that way because we are misunderstanding them. Personally, I try to read and understand a User based on more then one or two posts. I really feel that most who come here are sincere and want to help others. I try not to get too hung up on names, for instance. That’s really a personal thing to the User. If someone is self promoting some kind of holiness, we need to try to understand what they’re trying to say or just leave it be. I know from my own expeience, I’ ve come to change my opinion of some Users after readiing more their posts and finding that I was misjudging them all along. Just like real life. Not saying you don’t have valid points, but just my 2 cents.

Make sense?



True, and our parents often give us names of saints, and we choose a saint for Confirmation. This is a good point.

I think what the OP was saying is not that it is morally wrong, but that in this strange internet culture it can give the wrong impression and make people less open to your message.

Yes! Peppino goes to Mass, you said so in the other thread. It is relevant! I’m still quite surprised they let you take him in. Around here it is only if you are blind or otherwise disabled.

Your username seems just fine in light of the explanation you gave. It would be a very interesting project to have people explain their usernames. Still waiting on Eucharisted.



Because I like this Pope but XVI wouldn’t work


For a cradle RC you sound a bit contemptuous to me




I think if we’ve received something special from God like an apparition of a vision we should keep it hidden and only tell a priest/spiritual director, but if someone would be encouraged by it we can perhaps use our discretion and share it with them for that purpose… if there’s nothing there against Catholic faith or morals of course and if your priest doesn’t see anything wrong with it. If he does, best be obedient, cause that’s humble. :slight_smile:




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