Be molded by God


I am striving to do what God wants of me and to live a life according to his law. I guess what I am wondering is what are ways to help shed the unholy aspects of my life, and to immerse myself more fully in God? In essence to allow God to mold my life. and are there any books, that address the spiritual journey and how to make our way through it? I’m sure there isn’t a one solution fits all type of answer, but any advice you can give will be appreciated.

God Bless


I’m pretty sure people can suggest a vast amount of books to no end. I guess ideally it’s like anything else, you set a few goals to yourself and work away at it, if you got habits you need to break, you just work on that and be charitable to others.


All of the books by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, lots of adoration, lots of confession, daily mass when you can. Also putting lots of really heart-warming gregorian chants all over your mp3 player. And the rosary. And wearing blessed medals.

God bless on your journey! CAF helps!


I would add a holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament each day helps. It has changed my life.


You have already turned toward God which is the first part of any spiritual journey. And you also want to release your grasp on those parts of your life that God may want you to leave along the side of the road because you will not need them for the rest of the journey.

For my wife and I the combined life of prayer and work, ora et labora, of Benedictine oblates was the path for us — but other people are drawn to the several other types of lay associations and far more people find that their spiritual path does not involve them joining any lay association at all. Each individual is different and is called for different work in God’s Church.

You know that you are at a point where “there isn’t one solution” for everyone. You are rightly wanting to know more of the options so you can find your own way.

You might want to review this list of lay associations and Third Orders to see if any speak to your heart.

In general, you know that most people in your situation will find the next step in stillness and quiet listening for God. Spend more time alone, in quiet Churches, before the Blessed Sacrament as Cathryn suggested, or other places where the world is hushed and you can hear God’s guidance. You have already made the most important decisions and preparations for the journey — you are ready for God’s leading.

God bless you.


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