Be of Glory Son of God!


God first

Be of Glory Son of God!


Here I come to my inner self not inner soul that is flesh life but my inner spirit that grows inside of where the Christ is because I am in a Christ like. As have I strength forward to teach things that only God can share with you about times we live in.

The times we live are more than other times but a time of getting closer to the end of time on this earth but God will start over another place because we will change. We will evolve to the a stage of life where we will be put into life itself but we will be in the form of God while others are turn to dust again.

I am who I am who I am and Christ is who Christ is so may ask do I have a gift ministry but I will not say but some already know others wish they knew. I have told some but not all because want not to sound like I am boasting because I am not but there are men who better use of words I have a hard time written at all.

I write I feel a need inside myself as if the words need to out that I wrote and always asking some who better than I but the same answer comes I choice you and no other. I sure I am not the only one that who writes to you and I make mistakes but who does not.

If a person did everything he would not be human and the person not telling the truth because that make mistakes all the time. I am weak but Christ was strong so let hold me up in the night I am weaker in my hour of sin that I try not to do.

But Christ makes me stronger than I can be on my own because the love I have for God and all others that I know. Tell you who loves you God loves you and Christ loves us too because its in Christ in us that we get our strength from without Christ we would be nothing but dust.

I am going a take break right now and I will be back soon because I love you and I must write to you. I am back my friends to talk about what the leads me talk about which the love Christ that gives us knowledge that share about God and Christ the son of God like me I am a Christ being or in the form of Christ.

It is not robbery to be in the form of Christ because in the form of Christ because I become a join heir with Jesus Christ because I change my last to Christ year2027 Christ or Roy Christ. But in no means am I greater than Jesus Christ he is the begotten one and I am just a join heir with Christ one of God’s children.

I can do nothing without Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ can do nothing without God because the rock we stand on. I pray to God that I can give justices to God who gave me everything to me and who gave life to my savior Jesus Christ because without God I am nothing.

I write unto you the children of the highest God who created the earth I walk on day and night until my birth to become that which I know to be truth. I tell you of a mystery that is not hide but is out in open and one that is hide because the time right now.

The mystery that is out open Jesus Christ is the Son of God but mystery that is hide is the day of Jesus Christ returns to us. Don’t let this day be a surprise to you watch and ready for it so that day you can say I fought a good fight as long as you can.

But if you die before that great day of the end fear not as you will change if you live love but until the next form be ready and you’re a witness of that strong stand that you make with Jesus Christ leading your path. Let me take some time and check what I wrote because I have a habit of leaving parts out.

It is looking good so far but I must go because God tells me I am not done yet because is more that I cannot cover every topic I need to. Can I tell you everything that you need to know no I cannot because do not know enough?

Knowledge can only go as far as you able to take it in and you can take a big bite of meat because I am not old enough. When will be on meat the day I die with Jesus Christ my savior that will lead me to change a form of Christ or spirit.

I tell of things that you may not believe because have been in wrap of the web that Satan put as trap to get you caught into. But do not get in Satan trap but if you do the word of scripture shall free you if you put on night and day.

But if you not understand the traps just live love and all things take care themselves and stand tall as you walk on the truth. I feel it time for me to call it a night thank you with love and with hugs and holy kisses Roy.


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