Be pure of heart, Pope says in message to youth [CWN]


Pope Francis has devoted his 2015 World Youth Day message to the theme of purity of heart.In the years between the major international gatherings, World Youth Day is celebrated locally …



I think this is extremely important aspect of spirituality to foster. It is strongly based on the Hebrew Scriptures, such as in the Psalms, where it specifically says “create in me, O Lord, a clean heart.”

It is part of the universal call to holiness.

It is prayer that we are to employ to overcome our temptations and to address the strong temptations of lust, we must aim high, upwards to God, to strive for that holiness which is next to Godliness.

We sin in thought, word, and deed. It is almost unbelievable that I can and should aspire to holiness after what I have thought, what I have said, and what I have done. What a merciful God we have. How wonderful it is that God is so close to us, seeking to unite us with himself.


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