Be sure to read before you sign


Yesterday afternoon as I was leaving the grocery store, a man approached me and said, “Will you sign to keep ‘Merry Christmas’ in our schools?” Being a public school teacher and a Catholic, this question caught my interest, so I asked him, “What is this about?”

He said something about how people at [some percentage] of our public schools can’t say “Merry Christmas.” I said, “Is this the students or the teachers?” He said, “Both.”

I said nothing, so then he said, “This is not for a ballot or a vote. This is just a letter to be sent to our legislators., telling them what we want.” I said, “What exactly does that letter say?”

He turned to the back page of all the signatures on one of the clipboards (not the one he’d handed me) and handed it to me to read. The actual text said something to the effect that the separation of church and state should be honored in the following ways, and then listed things such as “reproductive freedom” (or “rights”) among other things.

I was stunned. People were signing this letter to their legislators without even reading the text of the letter. The people who signed while I was reading just took for granted that they were signing something to keep “Merry Christmas” in our schools – they never asked to look at the text of what they were signing, or what their signatures would be used for. What they were actually signing was a letter to guarantee, among other things, the “right” to an abortion. “Marry Christmas” was not even remotely mentioned.

It can never be said too many times – read before you sign! The people who gather signatures can and will say whatever they think you want to hear in order to get you to sign. Keep watchful and pray, and pray, and pray.



Same way the Devil works. Gives you what you want in order for an evil to happen.


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