Be Ye Angry ( Ephesians)


What if - when we died -
And God chuckled -
and said that was the only mistake in the Bible to go uncorrected.
Wouldn’t that be funny ?
If it was supposed to be “ be ye NOT angry “ !
But God decided…to keep the mistake in there…
showing us stern Catholics - he has a sense of humor.
In the big classroom in the sky -
I’d clap my hands together - and say “ I knew it “
I’d tap the person in front of me - “ I knew it “ :stuck_out_tongue:






Oh dear ! :roll_eyes:

@Seagull , you have just quadrupled your time in purgatory .

And you may believe that God chuckles , but I’m sure that notion has been anathematized at some far distant council .

The orthodox view is that God says - - - - - - - - - - -


Thus, my exclamation of Heresy.


Wow ! Tough crowd :innocent:

I have to admit - it’s the one scripture -
that continually baffles me.
Was that a Paul ‘ inner motivator’ affirmation ?
( something he repeated to himself often )

Anyone have a scenario - where to use that particular scripture ?
( not with me, :stuck_out_tongue:please )



Come on, you’ve been around long enough to realize that on CAF everyone is a world class theologian, canon lawyer, and saint!

It always makes me wonder how the world, or the Church is in the situation it is!


Be angry but do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil

The context makes it clear to me.

Anger itself is not a sin and it’s fine to be angry (and may not be healthy to bottle it up).

However we may do sinful things when we are angry (do not sin) and we should not dwell on it or let it turn into hatred for the person we are angry with.


First, the written Bibles have contained textual mistakes. People are fallible. There was the famous “Wicked Bible”

God does not magically protect text writers from mistakes.

He gave us the Church to guide us.

I don’t like joking that God would make mistakes. It is irreverent.



Christ exhibited anger. Christ cannot sin.

Anger is simply an emotion, emotions are not sins.


Ever heard of ‘righteous indignation’ or ‘moral outrage’? As with many things in God’s creation, anger is an emotion, in this case, which is often twisted, abused, overused, and otherwise manipulated by humans to get something we want, or to make us feel right or powerful, etc. But it also has its proper place and usage, when evil or injustice is encountered in some manner or another. That’s when anger is “clean”, so to speak.

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