Bear Grylls's religion

British Adventurer and host of “Man vs Wild” on the discovery channel often blesses himself with the Sign of the Cross before doing dangerous activities, such as parachuting out of a plane and other such feats. He could possibly be Anglican, but just curious if anyone has heard anything about this.

This link shows him to be Catholic, though it’s not conclusive.

If he is Catholic, then I’ll like him a lot more
My family would also probably watch his show more often…they’ve been sticking with “Survivorman” lately

He has promoted the Alpha Course.
Isn’t that an Anglican program?

Here is a statement of his lived faith, taken from the Q & A of his website:

How is your Christian faith important to you?

It feels like the rock in my life and it has taken me a long time to no longer be afraid to say that. But I have learnt that it takes a proud man to say he needs nothing. Faith gives me a strong backbone and when we find that within ourselves we can then live more exciting, effective, kind, passionate and giving lives. Life has a meaning again. It doesn’t though make life easier in any way, and I still battle with my fair share of struggles and doubt and often great self-doubt, but that is just the product of trying to stretch beyond the norm and to live life fully. I depend on a few simple verses everyday that have held me thro so many tough times. They are a mix of these:

* 'I am here to help you'
* 'I am holding you by your right hand'
* 'The lord himself watches over you'

That’s it for me in a nutshell.

He was interviewed on Sirius Catholic Radio on Gus Lloyd’s morning show a few weeks back. I’m certain you could contact Mr. Lloyd at

His being Catholic should have absolutely no relevance in terms of how much you like him. I hope you are joking.

I like Bear’s show more this season because he seems to act much more mortal. If he is Catholic, it would be cool if he had to hut down a Catholic Church in North Carolina within a week. How about if he said a quick grace before munching on maggots.:eek:

My hubby and sons like to watch Bear Grylls. I watch with them sometimes too because I think Bear is cute and seems like a genuinely nice guy. He is happy, positive, enthusiastic and entertaining. He might also be a little bit nutty to do the stuff he does at times. It makes for an interesting show since you never know what he will do next. But, some of the things he chooses to eat and drink are supremely gross, so sometimes I have to look away. If he is Catholic, at least knows that he hopefully will soon receive our Lord in the Eucharist to completely purify him after he eats some of that nasty stuff:D !

Really? Hmmm. Bear Grylls of “Man Vs. Wild” and Les Stroud of “Survivorman” have very different personalities and styles, but both shows are entertaining. I cannot imagine what bearing faith would have on choosing to watch or not watch. Interesting.

Bear Gryll’s that guy is such a fake:mad: . He does it so viewers like you will continue watching his retarded show. I liked steve Irwin better.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Les Stround is a total bada** bear grylls is a sissy. I would be impressed if bear Gyrll was droped into a NOW conference if he could survive that I would then be impressed.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Bear Grylls is a sissy, huh? I had no idea that guys who climb Everest (and he was only in his early 20s when he got to the top) could ever be considered to be a sissy. He also broke his back and worked hard enough to recover completely from that injury. I think he also was a member of some type of British special forces who parachuted from planes. Doesn’t sound like sissy material to me at all. And, from what I’ve seen him do on his show, there is no indication at all that he could possibly be a sissy. So, I have to disagree with you %100.

Les Stroud would also likely have trouble surviving that! :slight_smile:

Steve Irwin was great and also happy, entertaining, upbeat and a little bit crazy too, I think. I was very sad and completely shocked about his passing. It was such a freak thing to go the way he did. A ray should not have been a very big threat to him, considering all of the other dangerous encounters with animals that he had survived without harm or only slight injury. I would not have been surpised if a venomous snake or crocodile had ended his time here, but a ray?! Even nearly two years later, it is still wild to think about.

I don’t know why you are comparing Steve Irwin to Bear Grylls. One was an animal conservationist, the other is a survivalist. Perhaps it is because they both did/do very dangerous things for a televsion show. Like Steve, Bear also has a wife and two kids (two little boys) that he would leave behind if something were to happen, so I hope he stays safe not only for his own sake, but also for the sake of his family.

Gryll’s has his camera crew with him Les does not. Therefore Les>Grylls

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

I concede the point that Les is truly all alone for a week doing his survival thing, while Bear has a crew with him at all times, so Les is taking a bigger chance with his life. However, both Les and Bear routinely take huge chances with their lifes and safey to teach others how to cope with survival situations. In my opinion, both are pretty bada** and a little bit crazy.

He is a fake. But there is no need to use such an awful word.

I like Ray Mears, hes a nice guy, don’t know if you get him over in the states.

If I had to say who was the most extreme of the two, I’d have to say Bear wins in that category, hands down. I think Les tries to at least clean and cook the things he catches to eat, while I’ve seen Bear eat a lot of things that were still wiggling, oozing, alive, etc. I’ve never seen Les crawl inside a dead animal carcass for warmth or wring out animal waste for hydration or drink urine for hydration. So, I’d say Bear is loonier than Les :slight_smile: .

How the moron has an army of people just waiting to take care of him if something bad happens to him.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Okay, Zarathustra, you don’t like “Man Vs. Wild.” Fine. I got it. But, why so much hostility toward a remote television personality? You call Bear a “moron” and his show “retarded.” Hmmm. Why?

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