Beat The Heat During Heat Wave


This post has no home of its own but I thought I would share tips that work during this heat wave.
Close all blinds esp. on the s. west side of the home. In the afternoon the s. w. side gets really hot.
Cover most windows. I use bubble wrap. Wet windows from the inside and apply. It will peel right off when you want to remove it. You can get bubble wrap at the Dollar store or Walmart.
Also, I use a large sheet of cardboard for Storm Door off the patio. Can ‘dress’ it up with fabric and sticky glue if you want. On one side you can aluminum. foil to reflect heat outward. you can out a bucket of ice in front of a fan to help circulate cool air. Bubble wrap will help keep cool air in and hot air out but the light will filter in. Turn off lights wherever you can because they generate heat. I hope this helps someone in need during this heat wave.
If you worry about what the neighbors think-who cares. You will be more comfortable and your utility bill will be less. I have friends and family that have lost their a/c.


Thanks for sharing these really great tips to try and help people stay cool in this heat. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in Wisconsin, and it has been really hot and humid for the last few days. Fortunately, I think that today is the last day of the heat wave.

We do have a wall unit air conditioner, for which I am thankful to God.

It’s raining right now, and I think that this is going to bring in the cooler weather.

Anything that we can do to help cool ourselves off, helps.

I also like to keep myself cool with powdered talc/baby powder. I’ll also run cool water on my wrists too, to feel cooler.

We keep our blinds closed too, and we use fans to help circulate the air that the air conditioner puts out.

That’s a great idea, regarding the foil and cardboard as a sun-reflector.

We have an old kitty who’s an indoor kitty, and I make sure that she especially has cool fresh water to drink in this hot water


I have family in Denver with a brand new baby and they are really suffering in the heat and the a/c went out. They have been 'working ’ on it for several days now. I was going to post on FB but I just gave up FB for one week-Sunday to Sunday. A lot of help… I am-not.


To minimize use of the air conditioner and save on electricity, I have window fans which bring in the much cooler night air and cool down the house. Use an exhaust fan like the bathroom exhaust fan to blow out the hotter indoor air while the window units bring in the night air.

When the house has sufficiently cooled through the night, shut the windows and close the blinds to both trap the cooler air and prevent the sun from heating it.


It is the humidity that ‘gets you.’ There is actually green fungus growing on the van. I wiped it down with WD40 but it is back!


In the past in dry heat I’ve hung wet sheets over an open doorway letting any breeze from outside blow through at night .
I would cover all the windows in the day with cardboard and sometimes blankets or sheets to keep the beating sun and heat out,then at night open every door and window .
At night I would wet down any area in front of the open doors outside and the breeze blowing through would be cooled before coming it.


I wish I could do that here but we seldom ever have dry heat. This is the greater Ohio Vally and the weather generally comes up from the Gulf of Mexica and bring the moisture to us.


When I lived overseas in a humid climate for a while I felt like sleeping a lot.Humidity here last Summer went below 4% .I really wouldn’t know how to cope with a heat wave in humidity.


It can be rather difficult.

I think that the humidity tends to intensify the heat. It feels so cloying. We’re near the big lake here–Lake Michigan–and it really does affect our weather, regarding humidity.

When we have been able to travel far enough away from it, you can definitely notice a difference.

Sometimes the lake can make a difference and it will be noticeably cooler here, too. It’s called “lake-effect” weather. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh I’m so glad you have the lake OGM,your gigantic evaporative cooler :slight_smile:


It’s tough down here in the South.

Image result for so hot outside gif



Western New York gets a lot of Lake Effect snow due to Lakes Erie and Ontario.

I like snow :snowflake:️ and I’d rather be cold than hot.


I thought it was tough up here in the north.

Sorry to hear that.

Stay cool.


Sometimes it throws too much moisture in the air making the humidity worst.

I hate too much humidity.


I lived in W. NY at one time. I don’t remember the humidity but I sure remember the cold. There must be a happy medium…somewhere.


I had already put into practice what I was preaching about surviving a heat wave. I was able to adjust the a/c setting from 72 and down to 68 when I was cooking and then to just 75. I do have to reattach the cardboard sheet over the storm door as I was in too much of a hurry when I put it up. I have the temp at 75 and am cool. There are a couple windows that I just can’t reach, but still, it is much cooler and less sticky. If I can ‘cover’ those windows it will be even better. I am afraid to get on a ladder due to a bad fall that smashed up my arm some time ago. Stay cool everyone!


We are happy it is staying down in the 90’s today!


The heat wave reaches Los Angeles today. It’s expected to reach 99 at the beach. I don’t have air conditioning, since we don’t need it 99% of the time, but I do use fans. I get uncomfortable around 80 degrees, because I’m so used to mild weather.

I actually bought one of those little “Arctic Air” evaporative coolers that are being advertised on TV now. I used it last night for the first time, right near my bed, and I must say it really works. I had a larger portable swamp cooler before, but it was awkward to move around and it finally broke down. I’m not sure how long this Arctic Air machine will last, hopefully long enough to get through the next few months!


Image being with Moses - 40 years out in the desert …

And we complain of a heat wave - lol


I like the way that seagull looks like it’s talking as you read the words …can you make your avatars beak open and shut ? That would be pretty cool :smiley:

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