Beatification and the pursuit Perfection


“Be perfect has the Father in heaven is perfect.”

If it called for beatification of the angels to attain their degree of perfection, how can it be reasonable to suggest man can realize absolute perfection here on earth, and who do we have so far who has attained it here who hasn’t deliberately been made so?



Where do you get this from?


No one achieves perfection in this life. You misunderstood something you were told, or you were misinformed.
We may achieve great sanctity of life, but never perfection.



If one dies in a state of grace without any attachment to sin–even venial sin–if their merits outweigh all their temporal punishment due to sin–if they are perfectly contrite for all of their past sins–if they receive all the last rites–and if they are given the apostolic pardon and are disposed to receiving it–does a person like that die perfect?

Did Enoch or Elijah die perfect?


I agree with you Jerry-Jet. It is possible for someone to arrive at the state of perfection before death.

The error would be if someone thought it was necessary to arrive at that state prior to death, in order to be saved. I have a feeling very few of us achieve perfection before death.


I agree–very few die this way but it is something we should all hope and pray for.

Pray to St. Jseph for his help in having a happy death. He died in the loving presence of Jesus And Mary–that’s the way all of us should wish to die.


No. Mat 5:48 (DRB)



That isnt talking about literal 100% sinlessness. It is saying strive to be the best Christian you can be. Protestants get this wrong all the time.
If you read a few verses later the Perfect Prayer we are to pray regularly has us saying, “forgive us our trespasses”.


Summa: (

Angels were created in the state of sanctifying grace. The remaining angels who chose to side with God used this grace in charity. This allowed them confirming grace which merited the beatific vision and heavenly beatitude. They now cannot sin, has before they could.



Jesus says it’s possible. But dogma states they must endure cleansing all the same even though they qualify for heaven. My point is Jesus was implying it was attainable while alive.

It would seem the majority of doubt expressed here of achieving it while alive reinforces my argument, that the demand could be unreasonable factoring in the special treatment of angels to elevate them to same.

All the same I don’t think it would be unreasonable to ask to have say… 5, no maybe even 3 people in the total span of the existance of humans as outstanding examples for us to emulate.



I think the wording is unambiguous and my research finds the Church also interprets it the same way.



I guess I dont know what your question is then.

The Catholic Church certainly teaches that a person can grow in holiness in this life to the extent even venial sin is limited if not virtually eliminated in this life.


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