Beatles Remasters anyone?

Anyone else planning on picking up the remastered Beatles albums when they’re released on Sept. 9?–The-Fabber-Four.html

Do you think the remasters are worth the investment? or is it a lot of hype?

I don’t know.

For me, I can’t afford to pay for something I already own - so maybe one day. Depends on the price.

It makes me think though of when the anthologies came out. A co-worker bought a bunch of copies on vinyl as an investment. That’s all well and fine - history shows crazy people will buy the craziest stuff.

But I had to stop and pause. The songs were digitally remastered. For an audiophile, when something is digitized, you’re losing harmonics - you’re losing some edge of depth or quality. So to digitally remaster something and then put it on an analog medium… Well, that’s confusing.

So now the whole work is digitally remastered. Sweet. But there was something about listening to the albums leaning up against my mom’s hi-fi with all the record pops and hisses that was magical.

No. Wait. Let me think about it.

Still no.

Are there really any Beatles songs that people want to have that they don’t already have in any format? Other than their yearly-tradition Christmas songs and outtakes that resurface on the mp3 blogs every December (which are “free to download” when they’re posted: copyright long ago lapsed), I’d be hard-pressed to think of a “need” for more Beatles releases.

Besides, very few people buy actual CD’s anymore. I can’t remember the last time I bought an actual new, ‘shrinkwrapped-in-cellophane’ CD. I went to National Record Store Day a few months ago. What did I buy? Some used vinyl records and some used CD’s. Go figure.

I do! :o

I’m *almost *totally against buying digital.

The Beatles are my favorite band so it’s very tempting! I’m not sure yet, I’ll probably pick up a few of the CDs. Now the Rock Band game, that’s something I’d really like. :smiley: Too bad I don’t have a Wii.

Is this part of the loudness war?For those not familar with the term:-

A lot of remastered albums lose all their dynamic range because of this, I am probably one of the biggest fans of Jimi Hendrix in the world and I own vinyl copies of most of his work and the copies from the 60’s and 70’s are nowhere near as loud but they sound far more musical and less tiring to listen to. I suspect the same might be true of these remastered Beatles albums.

Paul McCartney has been behind this project all the way, just as he was “Let It Be…Naked” and “Love,” both of which demonstrate the extra depth and clarity of remastered Beatles material.

No the remasters will definitely be an improvement and more clear and fresh.

Apple did put out a limited White Album remastered some years ago, and the recently released Yellow Submarine album was remastered. The versions on there of Lucy in the Sky, or Hey Bulldog will actually blow you away with how much crisper the sound becomes in comparison to what was digitized 20 years ago.

Now as for price, that’s another matter.

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