I was just wondering from another thread, if someones is beautified and declared Blessed, does that mean theres a good chance there in Heaven? Can you pray to them for intercession? I know its the last step before becoming a Saint, but what exactly does it mean?


Yes, you can ask for their intercession.


Of course! One of the things that is required before they become a saint is that there be miracles in their name - things they have interceded in. How could this happen if we could not ask them for their prayers?
Indeed, most of them have interceded for someone even before the process of canonization began. Some of the earliest Christians, with no formal process of canonization yet developed, simply asked their relatives to pray for them, as we know from inscriptions in the Roman catacombs.


But if there beautified, does that mean theres a good chance there in heaven?


It is highly likely someone the Church declares blessed is in Heaven.

By the way, the word is “beatification” - from the Latin “beatus” meaning “blessed.” :slight_smile:


Oh, silly me, I’ve been spelling it wrong the whole time.


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