Beautiful moving nativity screen saver (free)


I just downloaded this tonight. I absolutely love it.


Thanks for sharing. I also downloaded it and love it!


Cool! :slight_smile: :cool:


Thank you! I love it and it came at just the right time. My son keeps changing our desktop to some WWE wrestler when I’m not looking, as though I won’t notice. I’m not sure how he found out about WWE but…

He won’t argue with a Christmas background. He’s still relatively little (9).


Pretty! I might use it starting in Advent. —KCT




I couldn’t get it to download, but just having the image in your post open on my screen inspired my daughter to sit on my lap for about 3 minutes making up a song for the baby Jesus. So thank you for that moment.

I saved the image to use as my “wallpaper” when Advent starts.


Also couldn’t get it to down load but saved the picture from your print, thanks.


Hmmm … let’s see … I think the link no longer works, but at the I searched and got this:

  • go there - and click the “Download” button and follow the directions to get the Nativity Screen Saver (or … I hope it works for you!!!)



Well, that post is from 2006 - that’s 6 years ago. No wonder the link doesn’t work any more! Amazed that anyone dug this up from so long ago…



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