Beautiful Painting of the Nativity

Hi, everyone:

I recently purchased a CD called “Carols from the Old & New Worlds” by Theater of Voices. The front cover of the CD (album art) has a beautiful painting of the Nativity showing the arrival of the Magi. Unfortunately, I have been completely unable to find this painting (icon?) on the Internet. I have searched Google using many search strings, but alas…

Does anyone know the name of this painting and/or the artist?

Thank you very much!

–Kyle in Chicago

According to this site, that is The Magi by American artist Henry Siddons Mowbray:

Looks like your question has been answered already…but I love that picture! I’d never seen it before now. :slight_smile: God bless! +

Thank you so much, Paul1Up! You solved my mystery.

That is a lovely painting. I should get a Nativity icon, I don’t have one yet. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile: (And I could always use some more good music.)

That’s a lovely picture! Looks very ‘PreRaphaelite’.

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