Beautiful pictures of cathedral’s candlelit procession to mark the start of Advent as the countdown to church’s Christmas celebration begins


Salisbury Cathedral’s annual Darkness to Light procession marks the beginning of the countdown to Christmas
Crowds flock to see the choir march through the pitch black building with over 1,300 candles
The spectacular display was caught on camera as the 750-year-old building is illuminated


Oooh, how beautiful! :)


Very nice


Too beautiful!


Beautiful indeed. I went last night to a stunning Advent procession at St Paul's Cathedral in London. A mixture of choral and congregational carols by candlelight, and over 3000 people raising their voices in song. It gets repeated tonight. We are going to our local Anglican church tonight for their service as they also have a wonderful robed choir. It is a shame that this beautiful tradition is confined to the Anglican church.


They are beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing them with us.



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