Beautiful song being sung outside planned parenthood


All of them were wearing masks. I think one singer lowered hers for a moment.

I see that with a lot of elderly people where I live and have wondered if it’s related to a medical issue. My local government for example has made it clear to the public that there are some people who for medical reasons – not contagious ones, mind, but breathing related issues – can’t wear a mask at all and that we shouldn’t judge people we see without them, though wear them if we personally can.

Maybe there’s an in between condition where so long as people can breathe through their nose they’re fine? (Or maybe it’s the same as whatever affects the others but the divide is mouth breathers versus nose breathers? I dunno.)

Shortness of breath can be a problem with us old folks. In any case, one singer lowering her mask shouldn’t be held against the entire group.

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