Beautiful St. Therese & Carmelite Videos


To the person who posted all of the videos about St. Therese and the Carmelite on YouTube may God reward you

Beautiful St. Therese & Carmelite Videos


Thanks for Posting this! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

– Cadian :knight1:


Yes, thanks goforgoal, I had not seen this either! It is awesome!! I am a big St. Therese fan, am in the Circle of Roses (helps the Carmelite missionaries) and named my oldest daughter Maria Theresa in her honor. So you know I’m a big devotee! I had not seen many of these photos. Like her obituary or Celine’s painting of the house. And St. Therese’s little toy stove–how endearing–I about cried. So thank YOU for posting this also!


I created this blog site in honor of St. Therese


God bless you for making and sharing this wonderful blog about St. Therese Sister Helena :slight_smile:


You’re welcome and I thank you.


Sister Helena, Beautiful website, thank you for making it!
I thought about being a Carmelite nun. The order nearest me was vegetarian and I didn’t think I could hack it. :frowning: I am a mother of six now instead.


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