Beautiful, Strong Prayer for Husband?


Hi. This might be kind of an unusual question…

I am looking for a good, beautiful, strong prayer that I can memorize to pray for my husband everyday. Does anyone have a good one? I have a beautiful prayer that I pray for my children everyday, and it’s so appealing that I remember to pray it all the time. I’d like to find something similar for my hubby. I know I could just pray an Our Father or something else for him, but I’d like something with good, applicable words. Any help would be appreciated.


A wonderful way to pray for your husband would be to include St. Joseph as an intercessor for your husband.

A good resource for St. Joseph prayers here.

… and modify them as your heart tells you.

Peace be with you.


I was going to mention St. Joseph too…


I’d like to hear the beautiful prayer you say for your children.:slight_smile:


Perhaps it is the convert in me, but, I pray extemperaneously for my husband, child and family every day. Does it have to be a formal prayer?


Thank you for the idea of St. Joseph - I do pray to St. Joseph sometimes for my hubby, and I like that idea.

The prayer I pray for my kids is found here: under A Mother’s Morning Blessing for Her Child. I just love it.

And, yes, I really am looking for a formal prayer. I really want something formal that I can memorize. I do pray spontaneously for my family, too, everyday. But I like formal prayers that really mean something - thatt’s the convert in me, too :slight_smile: It’s a discipline thing. Also easier to pray when I am waking up!

Am still looking for that one good prayer!


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