Beautiful vocations prayer!

Found it on the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer website. God bless Fr.Michael Mary and all the priests and brothers at Golgotha!

O my God!
How have I ever deserved this great mercy,
that having left so many others to live in the midst of the world,
Thou hast willed to call me
(who have offeneded Thee more than others,
and deserved more than they, to be deprived of Thy light,)
to enjoy the honour as living as a friend in Thy own house!

O Lord!
Grant that I may understand this exceeding grace
which Thou hast bestowed on me,
that I may always thank Thee for it,
as I purpose and hope to do always during my life
and throughout eternity,
and do not permit me to be ungrateful for it.

Since Thou has been so liberal towards me,
and hast in Thy love preferred me to others,
it is but just that more than others I should serve and love Thee.
O my Jesus!
Thou wouldst have me to be wholly Thine,
and to Thee I give myself wholly.
Accept me, and henceforward keep me as Thy own,
since I am no more mine.

Thou hast called me to Thy house,
because Thou wilt have me become a saint.
Make me then what Thou wilt have me.
Do it, O eternal Father!
For the love of Jesus Christ, in whom is all my Confidence!
I love Thee, my sovereign good,
I love Thee. O infinite goodness!
I love Thee alone, and will love Thee forever.

O Mary my hope,
come to my assistance,
and obtain for me to be always faithful and thankful to my Lord.

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