Beauty perception-good video for girls


Here is a video on our culture’s perception of beauty. It shows a model before an extensive makeup and hair job. Afterwards a computer is used to alter her appearance still farther. It would be a good video to show young girls-or even young boys.


That’s a good video! :slight_smile:

Some of the girls in my Catechism group are involved in the Real Beauty campaign. I’m all for it, myself - I think it’s great! :thumbsup:



I got that video and I passed it along to my youth minister so they can use it with youth group.:thumbsup:


My only problem with it is that young girls might get the impression that all make-up and hair styling is somehow “unnatural” and wrong. It isn’t if it is done properly. After all, we dress in clothes that show us off to our best advantage and don’t have to be fake or immodest to do that, so we don’t have to go overboard on the make-up and hair styles, either in an effort to make us into something we’re not. All the best make-up artists will tell us that making people look good as themselves is what they are trying to achieve–and the same for good hair stylists.

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