"Beavis and B***thead"----my favorite guilty pleasures, are back!---Who's watching with me?

I admit I thought I had put B & B back in the 90’s------------I’m a Christian now and (let’s face it) B & B was never much of a “religious” program—more of a VERY tasteless but HILARIOUS show--------- :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus it was back on that “den of iniquity,” MTV.
But I admit that once I heard that the “boys” were back, I was curious about how the show would adapt to today’s reality-show based culture. So I took a peek at two episodes.
So I took a peek at them-------loved them!!! It’s like they never left!!

Who is also watching with me? :slight_smile:

Not me.

B&B was originally pre-“South Park.” So, yeah, it’s like they never left, but “South Park” is still more consistently funnier (and has the quickest turnaround time for topical jokes). B&B trying to be vampires felt really, really dated. And that was only the first episode of the “new” B&B. So, no, haven’t really given it a second chance - I’m still waiting for MTV to bring back “If You Really Knew Me” - the reality-TV equivalent of a church retreat.

I understand.

To be honest, sometimes I wonder whether I should be watching it-----even though it is SO funny!!!

But yes, I understand…:o:o

It was actually more like they were trying to be werewolves-------I still found it funny. And now they are spoofing the MTV’s reality shows like Teen Mom and (gasp!) Jersey Shore.

I’d love to watch it if I had MTV. I’m not paying extra just for them though.

Are you sure about that? They were trying to emulate the vampire in “Twilight” as a means to, in their words (paraphrase in family-friendly terms), court the ladies. And speaking of dated, how old is “Kids” by MGMT, anyway? Five, six years old?

Ohhhh, I loved B&B back in the day. Them commenting on music videos was hilarious. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the new stuff, but if I did I would definitely watch it.

I tuned in briefly out of curiousity. Not really my taste in humor(although I do watch South Park occasionally). I prefer Mike Judge’s other series King of the Hill.


We are what we eat and what we watch…I care not to watch. I struggle enough being a human w/out being reminded that I am a human with flaws.

B & B have flaws…I have enough on my own with thinking theirs are OK…this is a slippery slope.**

One of my all time favorite shows, their music critique borderd on genius. I even wrote a paper about them for a college class!

One of my top 5 tv shows.

I’m DVRing them.

Didn’t know they were back, and I just may go check them out. MTV is part of the basic cable package here.

I hate to admit it, but they were a favorite, especially if I was down with the flu. So was Jerry Springer.

Bad TV, to be sure. Drat–now I have to go confess this!

LOL! Jerry Springer!? My friend, do you want to die with THAT on your conscience?! That might be a sin even God can’t forgive! It’s like being a Yankee fan!


Did you know that some years ago TV Guide declared Jerry Springer’s show to be the worst in the history of television?

So yes, I can see where you are coming from…

King of the Hill was a show of genius.

Mike Judge is a genius, as well.


You DO have a point.

They then found a homeless guy whom they thought was a werewolf and ended up messing with them. I think (if I remember correctly) he ended up biting them.

Huh huh huh…he said “declare” huh huh huh…that was cool .

I still laugh at Stewart, the neighbor with the “Winger” t-shirt.

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”

“[size=3]All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up."

I’ve been watching it and enjoying more than I did back in the day. Now if they would just bring back Daria…

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