Because Less is More

Why make something more complicated than it is?

Lent is not a time of lists of penances and sacrifices. Rather, the message of Lent is a simple one, according to St. Jane de Chantal, foundress of the Visitation Order. Following Christ’s example, there are two commandments in Lent: to watch and to pray.

St. Jane goes on to further illustrate useful Lenten practices and how they will both protect us from temptation and lead to holiness. It is only when we have watched well our actions, thoughts, and our soul that we may pray that God may increase our faith and show us His help.

Read her message on ‘watching’ and ‘prayer’, which comes from the example of Christ himself.


And don’t forget that St Francis de Sales recommended fasting …

“Our Divine Savior (who instituted the fast) greatly desires in His Sermon on the Mount to teach His Apostles how it must be practiced (Mt 6:16-18), which is a matter of great profit and utility. He knew how to draw strength and efficacy from fasting, something more than abstinence from prohibited food or drink is required. Thus, Jesus instructed them – and consequently disposed them – to gather the fruits proper to fasting. Among many others are these four: (1) it raises the spirit to God, mortifying the flesh and its sensuality; (2) it fights concupiscence; (3) it gives power to conquer and deaden its passions; (4) it disposes the heart to seek to please only God with great purity of heart.” (Living Jesus, p. 112)

Interesting …thanks.

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