Because the catholic mass is not designed for fellowship. where do you get catholic fellowship?


Because the catholic mass is not designed for fellowship
Where do you get catholic fellowship?
And sharing with believers your faith experience?

My catholic friends go to play cards with believers. How about you?

A few also go to a bible study on the mass scripture of the week.


I talk with catholic fellow mass goers after mass.
Family and friends ,and now CAF friends :slight_smile:
Bible study would be interesting OP.


People mull around outside after mass in nicer weather. Our parish has coffee and donuts every few weeks. There are holy hours separately for men and women. Family group. And lots of other things going on, like bible studies, ways to help out around the parish, things like that.


Bible study


Historically, and in my case, Catholics come from and have massive families. The clan has been the dominant means of Catholic fellowship.


Quite literally, outside of the mass. The mass is liturgy, and there is nothing in the scriptures or tradition about the modern European/American invention of pure fellowship with no Holy Sacrifice.

Read 1 Corinthians. Saint Paul specifically addressed abuses (fellowship which departed from the liturgy) during the earliest forms of the mass, i.e. eating and drinking.


I don’t think Catholic families are any larger than those of other religions here in America.

Maybe your family is very large, but I was one of just 4 children, and it was the largest group of all of my 1st cousins.

I’ve known families of non Catholics to be just as large as Catholic families.


Do I know you? :slight_smile:


Wow, if Holy Communion is not about fellowship, it certainly has been given a misnomer for a name. For the record, I completely and absolutely reject the premise which is the basis of this thread. Was it actually written by a Catholic? I think that is a fair question.


It would be good to join a group or movement in your parish, if you have them. There you can find support group which may be suitable for you.


The Mass is communal, not individualistic.

However, I know the OP is speaking about fellowship outside of Mass.

You have to check out your own parish activities and events.

Often, it’s service that’s required as in helping with religious education, serving at Mass or helping with fund raisers.

Also, charity groups like St Vincent De Paul, or serving a local soup kitchens which are often done by the various parishes on a rotating schedule.



I sit at the Laundromat and watch the clothes spin around… But that’s just me.


When I read the title I assumed the OP meant “socializing.”


I’m in the parish’s SVP conference , so that helps .

But there is very little Catholic fellowship in the parish .

It is needed when you consider what surrounds us in the rest of society .

I used to get great Catholic fellowship from a Catholic Charismatic Renewal prayer group I belonged to . It was the best Catholic fellowship I’ve ever had , but it has fizzled out unfortunately .


Technically, the Mass is all about fellowship. It’s not fellowship in the sense of the word when used in lots of Evangelical and some other Protestant churches, which seems to be all about socializing, but it is fellowship with Christ our King and Savior and also with all the other members of the mystical body of Christ. In the Mass, Christ is truly present, body, blood, soul, and divinity. When Catholics receive the Eucharist, we are taking part in a profound fellowship with Christ, as well as with everyone else who is the mystical body of Christ. So it is fellowship, just perhaps not the kind a Protestant would be used to.


Define 'fellowship".

To me, participating with my fellow brothers and sisters at Mass and receiving the Lord, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, is the HEIGHT of fellowship.


It can be quite a challenge. I have noticed that most of the parishes in my area have separated the Masses by at least 30 minutes, to give the congregation some social time, but my particular parish has no “gathering space” or lobby. All the doors open directly into the sanctuary, and there is no place except outside where one can chat before or after Mass.


Nice you come from a large family too :slight_smile: One of ten children here.And yes,talking with them is instructive,informative and affirming …I couldn’t ask for better as there are religious within the extended family also.Much to be grateful for .


The mystical fellowship of the Body of Christ, present in the Eucharist. No talking required. Can’t get more fellowship than that. Deo gratias!


First, why are you separating your “catholic friends” from “believers”?

Your profile says you’re a Christian. Do you not believe that your friends who are Catholic are also Christians (i.e.: believers)?

I hang out with my friends. The churches they choose to worship in aren’t an issue for me. I’ve been to their churches. They’ve been to mine. When we go to get ice cream, the flavors don’t say “Catholic” or “Protestant.”

After the early Mass, we have coffee and doughnuts. There are Bible Studies between the Sunday Masses and during the week. We also have various group activities every week and special events throughout the year.

Catholics are very service oriented. We don’t just talk about Jesus and our faith. We live it in our daily lives with our families, our friends and by serving our communities by volunteering the 3 Ts - our Time, our Talents and our Treasures.

Yes, plenty of time to socialize with others and show the love of Jesus to all.

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