Beck, Hannity and the sermon of the day

Although I agree with them much of the time, shows like Beck and Hannity are grating. They give the illusion of meaningful discussion but they are in reality a carnival where highly-charged political words and phrases get thrown around in order to elicit an emotional response. Even if one is right of center, these guys are painful.

One is forced to seek refuge in places like C-SPAN and Fareed Zakaria where at least someone is given the time to develop a point without being mowed down by a host merely seeking to validate the sermon of the evening.

They have incredible guests. But the guests are treated more like witnesses. They are led by the hosts to reinforce the evening’s central thesis.

It’s like asking Clapton to come on and then grabbing his guitar and singing your own song. What’s the point? I often hope against hope that they will let people like Arthur Laffer calmly share some thoughts. But no. They interrupt people like that to insert their own take. They should get blow-up dolls with guest’s faces on them so they can talk to themselves. They do it anyway.

I suppose one can say that these shows are a “product” aimed at a consumer so I guess, in that context, they are doing what they were designed to do…:shrug:

I don’t think the likes of Alan Colmes or Keith Olbermann are any different for the other side of the political spectrum. I have never listened to Fareed Zakaria so I can’t offer an opinion.

I find Beck to be much more fair than Hannity is. Yesterday I listened to Beck call out Republicans who were not, “saying what they mean, and meaning what they say” in regards to this current stimulus package. He actually named names.

God bless

I agree. Colmes and Olbermann are off the charts to the point of being laughable. My point is simple. Let your guests talk. Beck and Hannity have trouble doing that.

The people that watch/listen to those shows aren’t watching/listening for the guests, they are there to hear what the host has to say. The guests are just there for an appearance of balance. There will be one lib that is there for the other 3 conservatives to rip on and bash. It’s very effective.

I agree. It is silly to expect substantive discourse when the product is merely entertainment.

Do they portray themselves as providing entertainment or substantive discourse then? If they portray themselves as providing conservative news, it seems reasonable to expect them to treat their guests with respect.

Or at least generate more light than heat?:slight_smile:

Hannity is the worst because he is such a smart alec. I heard one interview he did with a priest that made me want to reach out and slap him

He was so hateful and rude to that priest…He is arrogant and obnoxious

The problem is, these so-called news shows have become one sided. It’s a battle between conservative leaning news shows vs liberal leaning news shows. There is no one that actually drives down the middle.

Which priest?
I enjoy listening to Sean Hannity.Rush Limbaugh, too.
Sure, it’s partly entertainment.But it’s partly serious, too & a balance to the left-wing media out there.

I don’t know it was an interview and Hannity was dreadful as usual…It’s a pity his parents never taught him manners…Or if they tried to it didn’t stick

Well, it is show business. I’d say he’s more aggressive than ill-mannered.
Red Rose Tea…? We really like that brand with the little china animals in the box.:slight_smile:

It’s more like monkey business to me when people reduce themselves to that level

I want to hear a well reasoned and polite interview not a bun fight

I don’t consider most news programs to anything more than a side show

TV is just a vast wasteland

I think that shows like these and think they are getting “the news” are just fooling themselves. In reality you are getting an editorial, not the news.

I think these programs are entertaining, especially when you put a straight laced guy in with the host who is nothing but straight-laced. The discomfort of some people when they are on with Glen Beck is hilarious.

A little off topic but I was listening to O’Reilly last night and caught the end of his show and there were callers asking him why he hated Glen Beck and why he was being so critical of him.

Does anyone know what that is all about?

God bless

I don’t care that much for Hannity, but I do like Glenn Beck a lot. A lot of things that he has talked about several years ago are now coming to pass, such as FOCA, forcing doctors and nurses to do and assist in abortions, raiseing taxes, quitting in Iraq, nationalization of industries, socialist type health care, etc, etc. No I don’t agree with everything he says, but he is right most of the time.

With respect to O’Reilly and Beck. They spar on O’Reilly’s show on Friday nights. Beck is more conservative than O’Reilly. In fact, they are friends. The e-mailer was unaware of that.

Hannity bugs me when he won’t let his guests speak. What’s the use of inviting them to speak if you aren’t going to let them talk. I like O’Reilly’s sense of humor. I don’t agree with any of them all the time, rather some of them some of the time.

I watch Sheperd Smith to get the news, O’Reilly, Beck, etc to listen to commentary. There’s a big difference.

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