Beck Takes His Conservative Internet Shows to the Dish Network

From the NY Times: Glenn Beck is bringing his brand of conservative commentary back to the television set.

One year after embracing an Internet-only distribution model, Mr. Beck is repositioning his streaming network, TheBlaze TV, as an offering for cable and satellite operators — in other words, TV the old-fashioned way.

On Wednesday, he will announce an agreement with the Dish Network, the first of what his company hopes will be many such deals.

TheBlaze TV, an Internet television network, will remain available via the Web for its 300,000 paying subscribers, including those not subscribing to Dish. But the distribution deal with Dish gives Mr. Beck, formerly a host on Fox News, a new way to reach viewers that may be adopted by other Internet entrepreneurs seeking a way into traditional television.

“Our success over the past year has given us the ability to go on traditional television while maintaining complete creative control and freedom and remaining at the center of the Internet revolution,” Mr. Beck said.
That will be interesting. I wonder how a cable version of Beck-TV will compare, in ratings, to Al Gore’s “Current TV”?

I for one will be watching his show on TV. He has a huge following among conservatives. No comparison to Al. I predict he will have much success and applaud him for taking his show to the masses by any means possible. He is smart enough to use all venues available while maintaining complete control of the content.

Cool! I really miss his show on Fox. :thumbsup:

First Dish loses “The Walking Dead,” and then they add Glenn Beck.

There’s got to be a joke in there somewhere.


I will pass this along.

Same here, I do not like The Five or Fox News frankly for that matter!

i do too Catholic1954. unfortunately, we have cable, not DISH. so i hope it won’t be long before he has his own show on a cable network. he has been very successful.
i try to listen to him on his radio show, but still miss his show on FOX.

i don’t like The Five either or their show Red Eye. the guy that is on both of those shows bugs me. i think his last name is gutfeld or something like that.

i thought it was really dumb of DISH to drop AMC. besides the old movies, they had so many award winning shows on. we used to have DISH, but now we have cable so i still have AMC! i don’t watch The Walking Dead though. i occassionally watched Mad Men though.

Yeah he tries and do the Jon Stewart thing and I don’t like Jon Stewart. Nothing is funny about a middle-age man acting like he’s still a frat boy in college. :rolleyes:

exactly! i was even going to try to contact Fox News last night to make a comment that they replace those 2 shows, but i couldn’t find out where to do it. the “contact us” just went to a technical problem page. i don’t care for jon stewart either. i think the guy on Fox is named Greg Gutfeld. both shows (The Five and Red Eye) are boring to me.

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