"Becket" with Richard Burton

Have any of you watched this movie, and would you let your pre-teens (12 and under) watch it?
I started it myself last night and was surprised to find Peter O’Toole (King Henry) being chased out of a woman’s bedroom, as well as other references. The latter would probably go right over my kids’ heads, but I wonder if it’s a bit too racy for kids who are darn sheltered!
I try to avoid any scandalous anything, but maybe I’m a bit over-the-top.

no it is not a kid movie, it is an adult movie about an adult topic, conversion and progress to sainthood of an adult who was the product of the culture of his day, and best friends with one of the randiest kings in England’s long history of randy kings.

I loved that movie! {{{Back on topic}}} Under 12 may be a little too young. I think that it depends on the children though. I was around that age when I first saw it, and I was fine with it, but I certainly can understand why some children shouldn’t see it until they are older.

I went to Catholic school and in 8th grade we had a Church history class and we learned about Thomas Becket and King Henry II. However, we didn’t get into the juicy details. I guess if your children are “sheltered” you might not want to let them watch it. Decentfilms.com gave it a “Teens and Up” rating for age appropriateness.

I guess the question would be what element of the movie are you afraid of them seeing? Whatever element may be objectionable to you, the elements are not gratuitous elements and in the end there are consequences - like public floggings for a king.

I was around 12 when I saw this movie and I loved it. But it has been a long, long time since I saw the movie. I remember the scene described but I also remember Becket standing up tto the king and admiring the character.

As I recall, it starts by characterizing their relationship by the episode of the conflict in sharing a female slave. Burton has taken her as a mistress and the king insists he share her, which he reluctantly does. She commits suicide in the king"s bed. I suspect it is an accurate portrayal of the morals of the time and society, but you have to judge how much history your children should learn and when.

I saw this with my 12th grade English class. The teacher (at a public school, no less) explained that they “sexed it up” a bit for Hollywood, and that Beckett was likely celibate, even his friend Henry was not.

But I would say it’s probably more acceptable for an older teen, vs a pre-teen crowd.

I had one course in English history over 50 years ago, so am not an expert in this. But it has been my impression that Becket underwent a significant conversion when he became bishop. I think he warned Henry that it would make him a changed person.

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