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Ever seen this movie?

I love this scene, so powerul, and oh, for Bishops like him today, with that same level of courage. I wish Holy Mother Church still had these kinds of ceremonies! That would get the attention of those “catholic” politicians right away!!

I would excommunicate publicly, in a ceremony

  1. nancy pelosi (shes a witch! she is trying to undermine the faith with her, anti catholic convictions!)

  2. kathleen sebellius ( the author of the hhs mandate, i think enough said!)

  3. any other “catholic” politcian pushing the agenda of abortion and homosexuality, and anything contrary to the Holy Faith - I may seem harsh, but a really sick patient, needs some kind of strong medecine!

P.s Gregorian Chant needs to come back!! get rid of that David haas stuff! (except for a couple of hymns)

Do you mean the one with the two greatest over-actors of all time, Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole?

Yes, I’ve seen it and I own a copy. It’s a great movie, and that’s a particularly good scene.

Oh, I LOVE this movie! :clapping::thumbsup:

And I love Gregorian Chant! Thanks for sharing!:slight_smile:



What would you excommunicate her for. See below. Only two things merit formal excommunication proceedings. Everything else, including heresy, carries automatic excommunication so there nothing to publicly announce.


Ferendae sententiae (excommunication after formal proceedings):

Canon 1378 The pretended celebration of the Eucharist or of sacramental Confession.
Canon 1388 Violation of the Seal of Confession by an interpreter.

Latae sententiae (automatic excommunication):

Canon 1364 Apostasy, heresy, or schism
Canon 1367 Violation of the Sacred Species
Canon 1370 Laying violent hands on the Pope
Canon 1378 Absolution of an accomplice
Canon 1382 Episcopal consecration without authorisation from the Holy See
Canon 1388 Violation of the Seal of Confession by a Confessor
Canon 1398 Procuring an abortion

I love that movie! And I know, in the light of what’s been going on with so-called ‘catholic’ politicians and how their positions on issues such as abortion conflict with Church teaching, that the ‘excommunication’ scene in the film has been one of the most-played on the Internet!

I think Richard Burton was perfect for the role of Becket-I loved his voice!

And Peter O’Toole? Well, he was [maniacally] perfect in the role of King Henry II, especially when he got angry and yelled at people. I remember particularly three of his lines:

‘Stop staring at me, dog!’ [at a peasant whose humble house-more like a hovel-that Becket and Henry found themselves in when they got lost in a hunting expedition on a rainy day]
‘Go…and take your royal vermin with you!’ [at his wife Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine when his young sons drove him nuts with their mock battle games]
‘I forgive you, I forgive you…[in a lower tone]…pigs…’ [at the Canterbury monks who scourged him in his penance for his unintended part in Becket’s murder, as he knelt at the martyred Archbishop’s tomb]

I watched the movie more than once on TV in the late 1960s-early 1970s. I’ve also seen it online via YouTube.

We should be ready to accept excommunication for our own sins before we go calling for the excommunication of anyone else for theirs.

I’m not saying what any of these people do is right, just that we shouldn’t demand that someone else drink a chalice that we ourselves are not prepared to drink.


Pelosi deserves excommunication. She parades for the murder of innocent people, and for gay marriage. Which are both VERY contrary to our Faith and Morals. Yet, she claims to be a “catholic” and goes to recieve our LORD In the EUCHARIST. She is a witch, and if i was an apostate like her, yes i would say that i am deserving of excommuncation. As for sebellius, she deserves it, as she declared war on her own faith with the hhs mandate. Yes, our sins deserve death, death in hell, (which is far worse than excommunication) but there is a fine line between trying to turn around and change our lives, repenting, and opnely walking on your Faith, then embracing it at Church in a state sin.

And yes i realise that she has got automatic excommunication. However i feel, a ceremony would be more heart stopping.

Now that would be interesting.

I can see all the news channels tuning in to Pelosi’s excommunication.

I wonder how effective that would be?

Of course she would give a speech addressing the excommunication to the effect of, “I’d rather be excommunicated than live a life of hate and intolerance”, or something like that.

But deep down, she’d have some fear, I think.

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