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Do any LCMS/ or any Lutheran posters here have a Beck’s Bible? A LCMS Pastor told me about this translation. The author apparently wanted it to be an official translation for the LCMS . This pastor had one but I never borrowed it.

He was very honest and said (If I understood him correctly) the translation was Christ centered to the max (he used pastor words of course LOL) and slanted towards Lutheran theology in the translation.

That sounded interesting to me.

If you do can you comment upon it and how you like it?

This was from Wiki which has its ups and downs as we know.

Peace in Christ

Beck’s American Translation is an abbreviated version of “The Holy Bible: An American Translation” by William F. Beck (abbreviated BECK, but also AAT; not to be confused with Smith/Goodspeed’s “An American Translation” done earlier, which is abbreviated AAT or SGAT). The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s Concordia Publishing House published his “An American Translation–The New Testament In The Language Of Today” in 1963.

The preface to the 1976 Bicentennial edition, written by Herman Otten, states:

Dr. Beck wrote on a hospital bed while under oxygen shortly before his death on October 24, 1966 in a statement titled “My Old Testament”: “Promotion of my translation will run up against special difficulties with my exact translation of the prophecies and every doctrinal passage. Modernist powers use all their tricks and tyranny to oppose a Christ-centered Bible.” … The 1967 convention of this church in a resolution titled “To Encourage Publication of Dr. Beck’s Translation of Old Testament” resolved “That we encourage Concordia Publishing House to continue its negotiations to make Dr. William Beck’s translation available to the public as soon as possible.”

Dr. Beck wanted his translation to become the official translation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, however, the Synod has no official English translation.

The LC-MS did choose the ESV as the basis of its hymnal in 2006 and it was used for the Lutheran Study Bible. I am not at all familiar with Dr. Beck’s translation, but Herman Otten now…I’ll just leave that alone here. He has quite a history in the LC-MS.

But mostly quite a history out of the LCMS.

Mary, this can safely be ignored. We like our ESV Lutheran Study Bible and Apocrypha.

I see thanks.


Our church has quite a few Beck’s Bibles along with the new ESV. Our pastor likes both translations.

I have one and love it. I keep mine front and center on my home alter.

It has some translation difficulty, like any other, but none that I think are significant. What I especially like is how it corrects the reformed doctrine that has been creeping into the bible since the 1880’s. It keeps Luther’s distinction of Law and Gospel and returns baptism to being sacramental and not an ordinance.

As a side note, if you ever run across the New Testament published by God’s Word to the Nations, pick it up. The appendices in the back are top notch.

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