Become Like You in Heaven


At a mass I was serving and atfter the consecration and during the prayers, the priest said " After we join You and become like You in heaven." Now, I know I can’t become God, but I know there is an answer. My question is what is the teaching from the church about scripture.


I’m only in RCIA, but I’ve been reading…

I also attended a Mass near the end of last December and also heard a very similar theme. I was surprised, especially because of where I was.

a) If something is like something else, it is not the same exact thing. And there are varying degrees of likeness. A 15 watt light bulb is like most light bulbs, but not as bright. A 200 watt light bulb is like the 15 watt light bulb, but it is much brighter.

b) Note the “Our Father” prayer.

If indeed we can pray to Our Father in heaven…it must be because He is Our Father. Jesus taught the prayer.

Whenever we make something, we make something that is not like ourselves. If I was a carpenter, I could make a chair or a table. If I make a table, I am not its father. I only made it from existing things. When God makes something, He can create it entirely without using or modifying materials that existed beforehand.

When we beget something (our children), we beget something like ourselves.

c) Christ is the new Adam, as Mary is the new Eve.

d) How can we be like God? We were made in His image.
We become born again it is a spiritual birth (see what Jesus said to Nicodemus) and in the new birth, we begin to learn to mimic the virtues of Mary and the virtues of Jesus.

e) It is quite clear that we are human and that we are created beings.
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But I agree. I was a bit surprised when I heard the homily that I heard. And I heard the homily at a location and at a time that made me think that what I heard must be in complete accord with the Roman Catholic Church teaching.
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Repeat. I may not have understood correctly. And note that I am still in RCIA (and not entering the Church this Easter).


well, the Bible says that we will be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.

we will be loving and gentle and kind and patient and self controlled and full of grace and mercy and goodness and light.

that’s a start, no?


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