Becoming a Catholic

Say there is a guy, who comes from no religion wanted to become a Catholic. What exactly would he have to do? What would the steps be before he could become a full fledged Catholic?

Simply talk to a priest – call a parish office or say hi to the priest after Mass. The typical route is to have the person go through the parish’s educational process known as “RCIA,” which takes several months and can culminate in full reception into the Church (if the person wishes to do so at the end).

Ring the parish priest and enquire about RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

The usual way is to enroll in the RCIA program at the parish of his choice. There he will meet regularly with other like minded adults who are interested in the Church and the RCIA team members, who will help guide him on his journey of faith. The RCIA will prepare him to receive the sacraments of initiation and also expose him to all the doctrines, dogmas, practices and devotions of 2000 years of the Church. It is easier and harder than it sounds!

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