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I seem to be having trouble posting this, so I hope this is not a duplicate. I’m new to the Catholic faith. I’m commited to becoming Catholic, in a RCIA class, and attending mass regularly. Is there a book or web site that can help me on my way. I’m looking for something that can guide me in a somewhat sequential manner to learn the prayers, catecisms, and habits that will help me grow as a Catholic. Any suggestions?
Constance :thumbsup:


When I was in R.C.I.A., I spent a lot of time at
I still do.
It is the Catholic encyclopedia online and a wealth of information.
I am now an R.C.I.A. sponsor and have recommended this website to my candidate and she has also found it helpful.
Welcome to the family of God!


Hi Constance!

Welcome to the forums! I am sure that you will get alot of great suggestions from many of our members.

Here is one to start you off: The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

You can buy it, or read it online at:
It is THE reference book for Catholics, new Catholics or lifelong ones!

Congratulations on RCIA (I am a “graduate” myself) and be assured of our support and prayers. :thumbsup:

God Bless You, and welcome again,

#4 now has a track for adults


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