Becoming a church official


What can i do at a young age (teenager) to prepare if i want to someday join the ranks of the priests and bishops ect.?


Concentrate on learning your faith first. The desire to convert can sometimes be misconstrued as the desire for religious life. You will only be considered eligible to consider holy orders three years after you convert.


Also a calling to religious life and/or the priesthood should not be looked at as a career. Those who enter wanting to be bishops will most likely not make it through formation if they are even allowed to start.


Strive for holiness. And yes, learn the faith. And leave the rest to God. God bless.


don’t understand the question
priests are not church officials
if you mean how can you prepare for a priestly vocation, attend to your spiritual health and growth through regular Mass, prayer, sacraments including confession, development of the virtues, reading scripture and study of the faith. God calls you to the priesthood, it is not just another career path.


I was just wondering what preperation priests have to go through


Priests these days generally enter the seminary after finishing their undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree, although there are seminaries that accept candidates who have completed high school. The focus of seminary education is on theology and pastoral care.

If you do an online search for “catholic seminary” you will find lots of information, including courses of study.

If you are in high school, I suggest focusing on getting good grades and on growing in prayer and service. Your involvement in your local parish – youth groups, altar servers, visitation to the elderly, helping out with ministries to the poor (St. Vincent de Paul Society, for example), etc. will be helpful in determining whether this is the life to which you are being called. But you don’t have to give up on sports, spending time with friends, even dating. Being an intelligent, virtuous, prayerful, well-rounded person is a great overall preparation for priesthood.


I would advise to start praying the Liturgy Of the Hours. Pick one of the two major Hours to start with: Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer. Add other Hours as you grow in you spirituality and prayer life. (If you become a Priest, you will be praying all of the Hours anyway…)

– Tony


doke…you should start to develop a good prayer life (daily Mass, rosary, morning/evening prayer, novenas, etc.) Most of all, ask God to help you learn to love Him more and more each day. He’ll be so thrilled that you did !!!


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