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Hi all,
I’m a Catholic and Partnered not married, though it would be very hard not even possible to become a Priest I believe its possible to become a deacon but does anyone know the procedure and difficulty of this .


Curious as to what you mean by Partnered. Deacons cannot marry after ordination. Don’t believe living with a “partner” is allowed either. Suppose it might depend on what you mean by “Partnered”.


I agree with Friarpark that “partnered but not married” leaves questions.

There’s also a difference in a vocation to the priesthood and one to the diaconate. You don’t become a deacon just because you can’t be a priest, but because that’s the vocation you are called to.

Do you have a spiritual director who can help you clarify your vocation?



This is a biggee, Deacons are not a “priest-lite” kind of vocation. I found this out when I thought I wanted to be one. The thing I found out it that I WANTED to be a Deacon, rather than me having a calling to be done. Big difference!


I'm a Catholic and Partnered not married

What does that mean? Please clarify!



In accordance with the Catholkic Church, it takes abolut 5 years to become a permanent deacon.

Usually classes are hel every weekend of the month and your assigbments are given.

If you are married, you will have classes with you anxd your wife.

Good luck

In His Divine Mercy


And note that’s “wife,” as distinct from “partner.” Those diocese I am familiar with require a diaconal candidate to be in a stable sacramental marital relationship, typically of at least 10 years’ duration. And in my area, at least, candidates with small children will be asked to defer their application until their children are at least of high school age.


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