Becoming a DirecTV installer?

I am thinking what kind of jobs to get with just a HS degree and some college, and I am thinking of becoming a DirecTV installer because I heard the installers for dish or cable earn a lot. But then I thought maybe Catholics shouldn’t become a DirecTV installer because TV is a medium for watching lots of sinful things or waste of time. What do you think?

TV is not in itself evil. Without it we could not watch EWTN or other programmes that can enlighten or educate us. Think of the joy you could be bringing to people, particularly people who may be housebound and use the TV as their window on the world.

Would you like to become a contraceptive pill distributer? Or perhaps a pornographic magazine distributer?

Knowing that there were women who benefited from the regulation of their hormones, and men enjoying the informative articles?

Even if 99% of the rest were ‘benefiting’ in another way?

Some comparable sorts of moral issues.

Some rare exceptions to the rule, doesn’t break the general rule and real result.

And so too, you’re never actually giving them something good without all the rest of the junk. Rather like distributing say, a Catholic leaflet, occasionally, in the pornographic magazines.

Sometimes the Catholic leaflet is good and sometimes it’s mediocre. But all the time, one could get the goods elsewhere in another form, without all the accompanying sin.

Of course, people will say, “People only have to change the channel,” which rather like with the magazines, “People only have to turn the page.”

But you are the one directly responsible for aiding in and providing it all.

My only warning would be that you often have to work holidays becuase that’s when people get new items, so as much as you’d fight it it is NOT optional to have Christmas off. As far as the TV being a medium for ****…people will find it if you install their TV or not.

Television is morally neutral. It is a communications medium, and DirecTV is a reputable provider. They provide a wide spectrum of programming, and users may choose their levels of service and packages such as sports, family, or adult.

Whether or not a customer chooses the adult package is hopefully of no concern to you. If you are involved with the technical issues of installing and repairing equipment then you should not be involved in any sales.

If you are involved in sales, then you may want to inform the company that you do not wish to encourage watching pornography. Hopefully they will accomodate this as a reasonable religious restriction.

Remember that television is a primary medium through which people receive religious and inspirational programming. EWTN, a Roman Catholic network, broadcasts on satellite and should be available through DirecTV. You should take pride in the opportunity to spread the Word of God through new media such as this. Pope Benedict XVI has exhorted all the faithful to make extensive use of all media when spreading the Gospel message.

exactly people who are housebound could watch mass on tv…

Not at all a good analogy.

Television is morally neutral, as someone else wisely stated. It’s a medium, like a book or a painting.

There is no redeeming value in porn. Pure evil. The analogy there cannot stand.

Contraceptive pills are almost pure evil—sometimes they are used to treat certain medical conditions but the aim then is not contraception.

Bad analogy all around.

Incorrect, the vast majority of TV programming contains content that it is immoral to display in one’s homes, and harmful to the soul.

Thus the analogies are spot on.

DirectTV is delivering content, not television sets to people’s homes. Which have their own issues in and of themselves.

So I guess you cooperated in evil when you bought your computer?

And you continue to sin every time you use it?

Or is only the salesperson the evil one?

Vast majority?

My parents had a sample of Direct TV

out of 100 channels I’d label the breakdown as such.

10 smutty channels, VH1, HBO, BMT etc

10 really boring channels…that seem to always run informercials

10 sports channels (could also be labled extremely boring)

10 network channels

10 children’s channels Nick, Nick JR. Disney, playhouse Disney,

10 old channels Nick @Nite, AMC, Hallmark etc

10 questionable channels-cartoon network, opera, lifetime…

20 educational channels, Discovery, History, Food, Excercize TV, Weather

5 movie channels

5 religious channels (three christian evangelical, ETWN and then one eastern religion yoga channel)

I’d say 80% is decent…

…the comercials on the other hand…

To say that’s ALL Garbage—or even mostly garbage---- is wrong. I don’t have a TV, but if I did I’d love the food chanel. I love cooking. I love History and who could have christmas without the grinch?

Yes, the Internet has pornography and many people are addicted to it. And yet, here is everyone on the Internet. Forums like 4chan are used to promote sexual depravity and pedophilia. And yet, here we are on a forum. JPEG and GIF file formats, even smileys, can be twisted to depict immoral activity, and yet we view image files and smilies right here on Catholic Answers Forum.

Your analogy to intrinsically evil things is full of holes.

A bad analogy is a bad analogy and yours was.

There is nothing immoral in the job the OP is thinking about.

I think that is a real stretch. If you are not setting up the programming on your own initiative that directs harmful material into people’s homes, and you are not, you have no guilt, immediate or remote, in what they chose to watch, or in what networks chose to broadcast. You would not be any more responsible for their choice of viewing–and any sin that flowed from that viewing–than if you sold TVs at Best Buy.

no you are not responsible in any way shape or form for the programming Dish carries.

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