Becoming a Jesuit

I’m reading a lot about Jesuits lately especially their roles in the WWII and I have had the inkling that I might be called to become one. If you want to become one you should lead by example. My problem is just that I do not know if my example is good enough. Has their ever been a Jesuit that became Pope?

How do you know whether you are being called? Also how exactly do you become one? Is it different in certain parts of the world? I have also read that you need to be a practicing Catholic for at least three years before you can become one. Is this really the case?

Can Catholics work at Universities because that is my dream job. It does say that they are often teachers.

I can answer some of your questions. First any calling to the vocation requires a great deal of thought and prayer, the Jesuits offer many vocation retreats to help you begin this journey. To become one, well once you are certian it ussually takes around 12 or more years before you would be ordained a priest although you would become a brother prior to that. And of course you can work at a University, the Jesuits run many themselves (I attended Campion College - a Jesuit school and I had a Film prof and English prof who were both Jesuit priests).

First though, noting your religous denomination listed, you have to become Catholic. This is very simplistic and not knowing where you live in general terms I can’t direct you to the appropriate web site of the province in which you live. Ask a local parish priest for more information they would be glad to help.

As of 2012, no Jesuit has yet been elevated to the office of Pope. Also, there are two Jesuit cardinals: one is beyond the age of 80 and unable to vote in conclaves, the other is named Julius Darmaatmadja, from Indonesia. It is unlikely that there will be a Jesuit pope anytime soon.

I’m also discerning my vocation. I’m reading this book and it’s covering everything that is on my mind. I’m like a quarter of the way through and there is so much good information. Recommending you check it out or find a download link somewhere

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