Becoming a monastic, but few oriental monasteries it seems? It makes me wish I was Syrian or Coptic Orthodox


If one has interest in authentic oriental monasticism, what is he to do? If interest is to be in Wadi El Natrun, there are no Coptic Catholic monasteries. Unfortunate as Egypt is birthplace of monasticism. In Syria, I am not sure. Can someone point me to this?

I wish I was allowed in a Syriac Orthodox so I could be in monastery in Syria.

Or even Georgian Orthodox, though not as interested in Eastern orthodox tradition as much as Oriental orthodox, like the last stylite:…n_3950192.html

Can someone point me to a Syriac or Alexandrian monastery where a Syro-malabar would be allowed? I can speak Malayalam and arabic and english. Thanks


Maybe you could start an order…?


Dear Med Student,

The bible says “be anxious for nothing” . God has plans for you, Jer. 29:11. But your job is not to do it yourself. This would only lead to more dissatisfaction. Your only responsibility is to know God. The word says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and then all these things (that you want) will be added unto you.” Make this (knowing God) the priority of your life. This is the only path than will lead to true success. Read the lives of true saints. One who lived in the Presence of God was a 17th c French monk known as brother Lawrence. You can read his short book for free online. Google “Brother Lawrence” .

Let me know how you’re doing



Order is not like in roman catholicism. there is only monks. I would not know how to create a monastery

Ideally I would go to stay with monastery but there is no Catholic ones

Maybe, will become oriental orthodox for this


The Maronites have a monastery in Massachussetts:

Pax Christi


Google found “Deir Mar Musa Syrian-Catholic Monastery” (see also the Wiki article). Browsing through their materials, something about their ecumenical relations with other religions makes me a bit uncomfortable, but it’s only a first impression, and I’m very traditional to begin with. Use your own discretion.


All i want it to become a coptic monk in the desert, or syriac monk in turkey, goergia, or syria… the maronite tradition is the one syriac tradition i am not interested in, apart from being very latinised.


interesting, but i am not interested in becoming part of a community to foster relations with muslims, just a monk in a cell, like mt. athos or wadi el natrun


Do you have a Spiritual Director or his equivalent? What does he say? Have you contacted your eparchial offices? Your pastor?


Medical student, if God calls, he also gives the means.
Have you actually discerned where God wants you to be? Regardless of what you want?


Medical student,

I do have this question. Are you still interested in practicing medicine? I do not know much about Oriental Christians (Syro- anything), but I do know that Eastern Christian monastics (namely those of the Byzantine tradition) tend not to combine monastic life with active ministry, such as hospitals, schools, etc.


Hello, no I would not be interested, but I would depend on the situation. Thanks


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