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Well I´m living in Denmark, studying my first year “gymnasium” here, (upper secondary) and I have been wondering about becoming an OSB monk (Order of Saint Benedict)
Since Denmark is a Protestant country, and there is a few number of Catholics, Catholic Monasteries no longer exist since the reformation, and I can´t get that much information in here about Monastic Life and the actual “requirements” to become a monk
I´m fluent in English, Portuguese, *Tagalog * (Filipino Language) and currently studying Spanish, and I was hoping to know some Monasteries within Europe where either English, Portuguese or Spanish is spoken in the Monastery so I could be able to make contact with them for further information.
In addition I would like to know if someone is aware of the actual “requirements” (I´m already aware of the religious vows):thumbsup:

Pax et bonum



no dependents
right intention
no debts



I am joining a Benedictine monastery this year, in Europe (I won’t say where, though). Perhaps we shall meet.

Monks of Norcia, Italy:

Silverstream Priory, Ireland:

Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain:


Each monastery is essentially autonomous and so, broadly speaking, sets its own rules for who they will and won’t accept. You should also be aware (if you’re not already) that monks take a vow of stability, meaning that they remain with the same abbey essentially for life (in other words - choose wisely…!).

As far as monasteries in the UK go, there was a very good documentary on BBC a few years back about monastic life (from an outsider’s point of view called (appropriately enough) “The Monastery”. it’s available on Youtube here. The then-abbot of Worth Abbey (where the series was filmed) and brains behind the idea was Fr Christopher Jamieson who has also written a couple of books about Monasticism in everyday life - “Finding Happiness” ( and “Finding Sacntuary” ( Fr Christopher is now the director of the UK’s National Office for Vocations and would be an excellent source of information for you. The e-mail address for the office is: and Fr Christopher also tweets: @FrChrisJamison!

Hope this helps.


One should not neglect a calling to the charism of both the order, and in the case of Benedictines, the specific community as was pointed out.

If one meets their criteria, then the next step is persistence. You will be tested and turned away more than once, to prove the seriousness of your quest.

Our abbey in Canada is hurting for vocations. If you love Gregorian chant and a more contemplative house, and are reasonably fluent in French, they’d certainly be worth a look :smiley:


I second Cloisters’ recommendation of looking at the OSB page. Likewise each community will on their own page list their requirements. One name that popped into my mind was Ealing Abbey in the midst of London:


Not to mention Worth Abbey (just outside of London) and Ampleforth - where the late, great Cardinal Basil Hume was formerly abbot… this article might also be of interest - “The first 30 years are the hardest


Try to get the movie “Into Great Silence” (Documentary Film 2005). Many blessings to you in your search and may God be with you always.


Really, really good movie. Certainly seems to give an idea of the “flavor” of monastic life.:slight_smile:


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