Becoming a navy seal


I am considering becoming a Navy SEAL. Is this morally permissible? Also, does anyone know what it’s like to be a devout Catholic in the military?


you could talk to a navy chaplain first


Why would it NOT be permissible?


Considering the vast number of devout religious people historically in the US military, I can’t see how it would be an issue especially if you are Christian. The military used to even offer military issue Catholic Rosaries. If you feel your faith requires you to refuse orders, that would be a problem.


I have often pondered this question “Could I not question the morality or motives behind the Black Ops missions?” The answer is no! I’m not going to kill people who aren’t directly threatening me. Our country has such a shady history of assassinations! If we’re invaded, then send me to the front lines but I refuse to be used by world powers to facilitate a new order that has 0% value for human life.


Seals look more for brains than a mean killing machine.

I expect the challenge will make you a better person, even if you don’t go all the way.


Consider doing a stint with the Marines first. If you decide that military life is for you, I bet transitioning to the Seals would be easier. You will already have a background in weapons and be in much better shape than average Navy guy.


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