Becoming a nun??

you this season i am learning more about my religion and still thinking about becoming a nun. Now in order to become a nun do you have to know the whole bible?


PinkAquarius84- It doesn’t hurt to read or know the Bible. When you Pray it’s like you are talking with the Lord and when you read the Bible it’s like Our Lord is talking to you. It also doesn’t hurt to know your Catholic faith.

Although, you may want to ask a Religious Sister, Nun, or/and a Priest for answers to your questions.

*Remember you don’t have to answer these questions on here you can answer them on your own

What religious order tugs at your heart? Why?

Do you feel the call or do you know/believe that you are called?

Do they offer weekend religious retreats in your area?

Have you talked with your family, friends, Parish priest, etc.?

Are you involved in your Church? If not then it’s time to get involved.

You also may want to check out the Vocation Thread rather than Spirituality

Here are some Vocation sites that may be helpful towards your discerning:

God bless you on your journey,

Becoming a nun goes far beyond merely wanting to become one. Contact several orders to see what they request in a candidate. And ask about doing a weekend visit with them. You will need good physical, AND mental, health. And there are usually age requirements. Outside that, it depends on what each order does. The more active ones will ask you to join in their work. Like teaching or nursing. The cloistered ones will have their own work to do, and time for silence is a given.

Depending on where you live, I suggest a retreat at Queen of Heaven Solitude. The mailing address is: 12494 Hwy. T; Marionville, MO 65705-9739. There is also a solitude at High Ridge MO and a convent in St. Louis. The reason I suggest the first one is because I was there twice. It’s a beautful place, with much time to be alone and in prayer. But it is a guided retreat. You eat your meals alone, but are invited to join them in their prayers and at mass. And there will be a daily meeting of the nun in charge of retreats. I could only hope and pray that they would be as helpful to you as they were to me.

Pink, you might want to post your questions on becoming a nun in the vocations forum where you can chat with others discerning the religious life.

No, you do not need to know the whole Bible.
Part of your formation will involve learning more about Scripture.
What you can do is include reading the Bible as part of your prayer time.
At the rate of three chapters a day and five on Sunday, you can read the Bible from cover to cover in one year.
You hear the readings taken from the Bible each and every time you attend Mass.
So while your do not need to know the whole Bible in order to become a nun, you will discover increased familiarity with the Scriptures the more that you read the Bible and attend Mass…
Another way that you can include scripture passages from the Bible is by praying the Liturgy of the Hours. This will most likely become part of your daily routine during formation and after.

As St. Jerome said, lack of knowledge of scripture equals lack of knowledge of God.

PinkAquarius84- I thought you might be interested in a FREE magazine that Vision Vocation offers. Please click on the link for further details

You may also want to browse around there website

Remember, to Pray, read/study your Bible daily, Attend Church (and if you can help out at Church), read/study about your favorite Saints and the Order that tugs at your heart. Try to live a healthy lifestyle (physically, mentally, spiritually).

God bless,

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