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hi everyone,

sorry if i’m posting this in the wrong place. not sure where else i could ask though.

i was born completely blind. if i were to try and become a nun, would they refuse me? if so, what would be the reasons. or would be possible. are there any records of blind nuns in the past. i tried looking but couldn’t find anything. thanks and god bless


I attend a ladies retreat every year at the Visitation Monastery in Mobile. There is a blind nun there. I have met her, as on the last day of the retreat we are allowed to meet with the nuns in their parlor. They are behind a grille.

Depending on the Order they might need you to be able to read the Liturgy of the Hours. (Is it available for the blind?)

Contact the vocations director at your diocese. Your pastor can help you contact the correct people to discuss your possible vocation.

Bless you for your discernment!

It’s best to find some orders you like and see what their admittance criteria would be. Truth be told, mental and physical disability can be an impediment to a vocation. A current person at my Church had a relative who wanted to be a nun back in the day, but could not because she was sick a lot.

If you have not done so already, I would strongly advise you (and anyone else on here discerning) to find a spiritual director.

hi guys, sorry i think i should have been more clear. i don’t really fell called to be a nun at the current time but it could be a possibility in the future. i just wanted to hear some thoughts on the situation. i am so used to getting rejected from things that i will usually get nervous in new situations and meeting new people. though i do notice that people are better at accepting in church. i’ve tried applying for jobs before and no one can look past the blindness at all; it’s like a penetrable brick wall almost. they never see you as a person; just a disability or a problem. i guess i was just worried this could be a similar situation. thanks for the input.

There is an order called the Benedictines of Jesus Crucified, which were founded explicitly to be open to persons with disabilities. Here is their website:

Blessings, and good luck!

As someone said earlier, the Visitation sisters had accepted a woman who was blind and was an attorney and practiced law for several years before finding her true vocation as a nun in their order. It is worth looking into with the Visitation sister.

Blessed Margaret of Castello was born blind and was accepted as a nun … and Margaret did very well. However, she was so holy, while apparently the other sisters were lazy and slack about following their own rules, that the able-bodied nuns became jealous and kicked Margaret out. I hope they name Blessed Margaret a canonized Saint someday soon.

Praying that God leads you to your vocation,

~~ the phoenix

Hi Angel,
I know that you are not sure what you want to do in life. I’m in the same thing. The other thing we have in common is that we are both blind. I’m not sure if you are totally blind or. Not, but I guess that does’t matter. I wasn’t born blind but I was a preamy baby. I’m gonna tell you that youu can do anything you want to in life. God isn’t going to judge you on what vocatation you choose, He wants you do your best and he’ll help you along the way.

Hope this helped,

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