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Hi guys, I recently asked God if He wanted me to become a nun and immediately I felt Him, but couldn’t tell if that was a confirmation or something else. I’m not a Catholic btw. I was thinking about converting but right now I’m unsure.


You should feel very blessed! God is obviously working his way in your life and i am sure it will all play out for the best. You should feel very blessed and privileged if you have such an important a vocation as serving the lord through being a holy woman. Any vocation you choose, though, is part of god’s unique plan… If i where you i would keep alert for little signs god might toss your way… These can sometimes be deeper than just a happy coincidence…

God bless you!


Just start small and go from there. Go to Mass and get hooked up with RCIA (that’s the initiation non-Catholics go through in order to join the Church). Pray that God lead you to where you belong, and if you still feel called to be a holy woman, then thank God and follow it! There are some amazing flourishing orders of holy sisters across the world, but holy sisters in the US have fallen on some hard times. Maybe God is calling you to be part of the vanguard to change that :slight_smile:

God bless :crossrc:


If that is your calling, congratulations. Becoming Catholic is a wonderful thing but it takes a great amount of prayer and patience. You will quickly learn an important lesson called: discernment because you will need it as you pray and determine if Catholicism is for you. Then if it is, you can also begin to discern to join the religious life. Generally the religious require new converts to be a Catholic for least a year before they join. (I don’t mean to burst your bubble) but the Catholic life is full of discernment, prayer and patience. Everything takes time.


You should speak with a priest. They love helping converts! It is possible you could be confusing a calling to enter into Christ’s Church with a vocation to be a nun. But, it is also possible that you might not be.

When I first made my decision to enter the Church, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I prayed and asked God to help me. He led me to find a great Priest who has helped me so much on my journey! Before my first meeting with this Priest, I prayed, “Lord, I want to pray the Rosary, but I’m too scared to buy one.” As I was wrapping up my first meeting with the Priest, he suddenly stopped and said, “I’m going to give you something that I think will be helpful for you.” It was a Rosary blessed by Pope Benedict.

Ask God to lead you to the right priest to help you. Please feel free to message me.


What a beautiful story! Aw!

God brought me the priest I needed as well. He had almost exactly the same background as me as far as culture, being a convert, both of us converted from the same stream of protestantism, both of us lost a parent at a young age. I had a lot of issues with God and Catholicism and he totally understood me. God is SO good and knows exactly what we need!

OP, it is possible that your vocation is to be a sister. There are other forms of consecrated life for women as well, but marriage is the best vocation if it turns out that that is what God is calling you to. I too want to be a sister and the vocation directresses at two different communities said to wait two or three years after conversion to start discerning for a religious vocation. Thankfully it’s been two years, waiting is over, and I’m going to visit one of the communities in a month! SO EXCITED!! So anyways, call a parish close to you and sign up for RCIA classes. There’s no obligation to convert at the end of them and they’re completely free. Keep praying.


I’d say that your first big question was to make a firm and final decision whether or not you even want to become Catholic. If you decide you do and after practicing the faith for a time, then it would be appropriate to decide if you are called to be a nun. If you can’t even decide for sure whether or not you can accept the Catholic faith, I think the second question is a bit superfluous, don’t you?:shrug:


I am happy to hear that you look so much forward to visit a nun community.
You sounded so frusterated and depressed in a thread I read a few days ago and now youre sparkeling and enthusiastic about your vocation.
God Bless you! We need munks and nuns to pray for the world more than ever.
Please keep me updated on your Journey, Im very interested to follow your vocation:)
(I have a feeling of vocation myself and are looking into the Dominicans and the Franciscans. Its still in a very earlie phase for me, as Im not even a catholic yet.
It feels like the Holy Spirit are guiding me.)

I am 100 per cent sure about my desition to join the Church and Im looking so much forward to easter when Im going to recieve my first ever communion and as someone mentioned earlier in this thread, it is a matter of patience.
Its still 6 months left before I am a Catholic. its so painful to wait
I have these mortal sins from way back that Im so eager to confess, but am unable for now, its so painful.

To answer the OP, I think you should Call a local parish and enter RCIA before you focus more on a possible vocation. the only way to find out if catholicism are the right faith for you are to enter RCIA.

From my own experience its a emotional and religious roller-coaster and it will be challenging for your faith. All I can say is this: I hope you enter RCIA and I hope that you fall in love with the Church just as I did:)
Good Luck, its a very exciting Journey.
God Bless you!


God bless you, too!! Yes, I was very upset. It seems like God heard the prayers of all those who pray for me and had mercy on me. Someone randomly lent me her car for a whole weekend so I can drive to the city where this community is. I didn’t even ask for the car, she just offered knowing I don’t have one.

It makes me smile to read that you are looking into various orders already. One of my first draws to Catholicism was the Rosary and Discalced Carmelites. And I didn’t even agree with cloisters! I was one of those protestants who believed cloistered nuns were selfish and they should be out helping people. I’m not going to visit a Carmelite monastery yet but I will soon enough.

And God bless you for being eager to confess. I was shaking through my entire first confession. I had a lot to say… But the Sacraments really are so wonderful. Such a beautiful gift to the world. It’s really quite incredible how good God is to us.


Thank you for such a positiv respons:)

Have you told your Family yet?

I havent told anyone in my Family our friends about my vocation yet. I think I will meet some resistans when I finally do so I will wait until I`ve made my desition, but if its Gods plan for my life, I will be happy to obey his will.

I am going to visit both orders before Christmas if things are going according to my plans, if I have the courage enough. I have to decide what order to choose if I decide monastery.

Its so exciting;) I will light two candles at mass tomorrow, one for your vocation and one for mine.

God Bless you!


My mom knows I’m looking into communities, and one of my siblings knows I have some vague dream of becoming a nun but nothing beyond that. No one else knows anything. There will be some serious opposition so I’m not going to tell anyone else anything until it’s for sure. I don’t want to upset everyone and build more walls between them and Catholicism for something that might not even happen.

You may be told to wait for a while after conversion to visit monasteries, but you can go to public Masses at their monasteries. Making it through RCIA can be tough enough; there’s a lot of spiritual battle for some people in making it through conversion. Add discerning a vocation on top of that? Yikes, that’s a doozy! It’s hard to wait… but it lets the vocational calling mature if it is truly the Lord’s will. So to the OP, pray about RCIA. To both the OP and HeadingBackHome, pray to be able to follow the Lord’s will for your life. You’re both in my prayers!


I can’t say I haven’t thought about it, or still don’t think about it. It’s a wait and see with me. I want to actually offically enter the Church and see if I am called to do something as a lay person first. Called and knowing it to my fellow folks on the Autism Spectrum, I know I can serve for I have for years in advocacy particulalrly for those on the Higher End of the Spectrum who get largely ignored, I know you can serve and follow God’s purpose for you as a lay person.

I am also called to the Church and I am having to deal with not being afraid of finding a specific pairsh and staring my RCIA. If I am called to be a nun, and I do feel a holy call I just can’t discern quite yet what it is I am being called to, I shall do as God tells me.

I shall pray for you and wish you luck. Pray for me. I’m going to need it! I want a way into the Church. Yesterday!

-St. Aleydis Calling


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