Becoming a Priest:College Expenses?


I don’t know how it works, but based on that movie, The Rite,
I got the impression, that you could pay for your Seminary College tuition
by working it off as a working/practicing priest at a parish.

Do they have Scholarships and Loans?
How would a wannabe priest pay for his
College Expenses?


All of this varies from seminary to seminary and diocese to diocese. Most of the time, if you have student debt you will be allowed to defer it until your studies are complete. In my case, I had student loans, and got them deferred, and when my studies are finished and I am receiving a salary as a priest, I can pay them off as anyone else normally would. Most of the time, your diocese will cover the cost of your tuition. Some dioceses pay for college seminary, some do not. Nearly all will pay for Theological studies after college seminary. These are questions you need to refer to your pastor and your diocesan vocations director.



It all depends. By and large you are responsible for your college expenses. Its usually set up so that you live at a college seminary and receive formation there but take actual courses at a local Catholic college/university. Under that structure you would be able to get federal student loans. And then as long as you're attending a major seminary attached to an accredited college/university you can defer your college loans until graduation/ordination.

BTW, I wouldn't put too much stock into what you've seen in a Hollywood movie. All those things are "inspired" by real events, meaning that they make most of it up...


It all depends on your diocese. Talk to your vocations director. He can give you real answers for your situation.


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