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Hi Guys,
As you can see by my religion, I am Orthodox but have something in my heart telling me to convert to Catholic. All I do is Catholic except the Church I go to. I love Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center which is Catholic, I always want to go to Adoration. (Might, go tommorow so reply and prayer requests) Anyways, I’m here because I want to know the process of becoming a Priest or/a Monk. Hope you people reply! Thanks :slight_smile:

To become a Benedictine monk, contact the vocations director of a monastery. Many have a program to live as a monk for a short time (typically 1 month) to explore a vocation. Beyond that, the vocations director will help you discern a vocation.


Praying for your intentions.

You’ll want to meet with a Catholic priest to discuss this further. Those discerning vocations need spiritual direction.

That’s always a good sign of a vocation. Keep up the prayer!

To answer you question, one can be a monk and a priest, or a monk, or a priest. This can be a very complicated thing to try to explain, but I will do my best to simplify it for you. Generally speaking, each region of the world is overseen by a bishop, who ordains priests to serve in his parishes and ministries within his area. A man interested in being a ‘parish priest’ seeks a diocese, studies, and is ordained by the local bishop to serve in the local ministries and parishes.

What makes this complicated is that there are also religious orders, groups, societies, and so on and this would take a lot of time to hammer out the details. Some orders have communities and a person joins a particular one in a particular location and stays with them for life. Others join a group and because of the nature of the group, are moved from this place to that place, depending on the nature of the group.

I could write for pages and pages about this. In short, and I mean very short, if you want to be a parish priest, you seek out the bishop of where to live and join his diocese as a priest. If you are interested in joining a group that is focused on missionary work, or a kind of work, or contemplative prayer, etc,

The whole process is not like applying for a job or school. It’s not formal with set absolute rules.You do need to be Catholic and should establish a relationship with your pastor or a local priest.

Honestly, I have no idea what to say exactly. It’s like explaining something very complicated and broad, but I have no idea where to start. I am more than happy to address any questions.

I’d start by talking to the pastoral personnel at the center where you worship. They, in turn, can call their diocese, and see what the procedure for changing rites would be.



Being Orthodox, you’re likely aware of the many Byzantine Catholic communities out there. Might I suggest taking a retreat at a Byzantine monastery, and talking to the fathers there about your desire to become a priest and/or a monk? This thread ( contains some information about some of them.

God bless.

I actually have no interest in the Eastern Church. :blush::shrug::bible1:

Assuming that you’re talking about becoming a Catholic priest or monk, the first step is to become Catholic. You’ll need to check with your local parish. RCIA is not required – Orthodox Christians have already received valid sacraments of initiation. You will become a Catholic in the Eastern rite that corresponds to your Orthodox rite.

Then, I suppose the next question is whether your idea is to become a monk in the Eastern Church or the Latin rite.

Yes it is. :blush::confused:

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