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Well first off ,Merry Christmas to all.

I’d like to give a brief summary of me and my current life before asking my questions.

  • Im currently 17 years of age and am the son of a Muslim father and Christian mother.
    Throughout my entire life My faith have always been on the christian side of my family and I’ve always felt drawn to joining the Catholic Church as I just felt it was where my faith should be.
    I still have not joined the church because I know that my father will not take me because It’s gonna upset him(Haha) but this summer I should be getting my D.L and hopefully a new car so I can begin driving myself to RCIA classes.

Well here is the main reason of this thread: A few months ago all of the sudden I felt as if god has drawn my closer to him and I feel as if I may have been called to join the Priesthood because untill then all I could see myself as is a Police Officer but now the thought of being a cop is not as great as the thought of becoming a Priest and so I feel myself in peace by choosing the road to Priesthood

My Question is how does one become a Priest can anyone include any information regarding seminaries ,The whole process and what not. Thanks

Once again, Thank You all and I am glad to have joined this site and have a great Christmas. :slight_smile:


TheCalling96 Welcome! :wave:

Congratulations on your interest in RCIA, the Church, and the priesthood!


I’m not sure the best way to go about that after you have gone through RCIA. I think you could make an appointment to talk to a priest about any questions you might have.

Others on the forum know a lot more than I do. Here’s one website I found in the meantime, though.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, good luck with your conversion, vocation and year! God bless!


I would recommend Fr. Brett Brannen’s book “To Save a Thousand Souls”. I’m not discerning, but I loved the book and the insight it gave me into all-things diocesan priesthood. Some dioceses will send out free copies to men who are interested in learning the priesthood. (Check out to see if you’re eligible, if not, you still may be able to get this through your vocation director. I’d check into both options before buying it.) His book takes you through what a diocesan priest does, the discernment process, application process, seminary, etc.

Disclaimer: I might be biased, as I know Fr. Brannen personally back when he was the priest at my previous parish. He is, in part, one of the reasons I finally joined RCIA after attending mass faithfully and daily for two years. He never hesitated to make time to speak with me even though he was busy with his book, work in our parish, and work with the Savannah Diocese.


First, Hallelujah!
Unfortunately though, I know diddly squat about how to be-
come a priest, but I HIGHLY suggest that you get in touch
with a Catholic priest very soon!


Take things one step at a time. You have to be baptized and live as a Christian before a seminary would consider you. You should be planning for college at your age. Most seminaries require a philosophy or theology degree. Perhaps you could double major with something else as a backup plan?

Perhaps you could private message the Catholic Answers chaplain Father Serpa.


I am a Roman Catholic priest, in good standing with the church. I am a diocesan priest and desparately in need of a new diocese, especially where priests are needed most. I am even ready to be incardinated to a new diocese. The trouble is that I did secualar law, save for doing Philosphy and Theology in the seminary. My bishop has never been pleased to see priests doing secular studies. I got an LLB and LLM degrees. I know that I can easily be incorporated in an open and democratic society, as is the case in Europe and America. Do you know any dioceses that are in need of priests. I am pretty sure that my bishop will be ready to accept my excardination to the new diocese. The first thing though, would be to get the new diocese. Do you think you can help me find new dioceses where priests are neede


To the priest looking for a diocese; Greetings! I am sure you would be most welcome and needed in the Archdiocese of Boston. Perhaps you could contact the Chancery for more information. God bless you abundantly and Merry Christmas.


Welcome and Merry Christmas! God bless you in your pursuit of a possible calling to the Priesthood. As I understand it, generally a bishop will have you wait a certain amount of time after becoming Catholic to be considered for the Priesthood. This is to make sure your calling is to the Priesthood and not to just become Catholic. During this time of waiting, you’ll be encouraged to live the Catholic faith to the fullest.

Here are some video testimonials of convert Priests that I think you might enjoy:

Father John Bartunek (
Father Carter Griffin (


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