Becoming a real man


I am confused about my masculinity. A man is supposed to show strength, chivalry and self-control and a developed character. Also to think lowly about himself.

I feel like a disgrace to my manhood.

Its very difficult for me to make friends because I don’t make eye contact.

I am planing on seeing a psychologist about it which I should have done earlier. And possibly also joining the men’s parish group.

On the plus side, I visit the Bible study group.

I also made a friend for life, with an Adventist woman about 10 years older than me who was a Catholic as a child whose father is a professor in theology. She did a healing “reset” with me and had similar issues to me regarding severe mental health and treatment. She says “you’re so smart, all I know is God”. It’s great when you meet genuine people for support.

Please ask St John Bosco to pray for my mental issues, but especially for “delinquent youth” who don’t know God and the Church or are fatherless.


Be yourself, I’m sure like most you have good and bad points and you can work on the bad points to become a better person. Don’t worry if your strengths are typically male virtues, they are still strengths.

I wish you well with trying to seek those who will help you grow in faith.


listen my brother we love you no matter what flaws you feel you may have. please understand if you need to overcome something in life, it doesn’t make you a disgrace. it just means you just need to work on it. trust me I’m the same way. i too sometimes get shy and avoid eye contact. i don’t do it on purpose but i always catch myself. you seem you are on the right track. you have identified the problem and you are working on it. you will be fine. again the people around you love you. keep an open heart and open mind.


There is no true moral disgrace in what is involuntary, but others do not know what is voluntary or involuntary.

Withdrawal is related to inhibition with feeling vulnerable, high self-consciousness, anxiety, and depression.


Lord , through the intercession of St John Bosco grant @Zerg the healing he needs to make him whole .



Blessings to you, my friend. Perhaps you’ll find Father Larry Richards an inspiration. He’s also very entertaining. Try this one;


Just don’t let her Adventism sway you from the faith. Frankly, if she went from Catholic to Adventist, I’d be very suspicious.


What a beautiful post


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